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corona quarantine live2020Nowadays with the current situation, when all events are cancelled, musicians and listeners stay at home and miss the crowdy events, their audience and energy from being on stage or in front of the stage, there is nothing left to do but watch the performances of your beloved and not so famous and not very performers through the monitor. Different musicians and organizers have found different solutions. During world quarantine and lockdown, the concept of “online concerts” became more and more popular. More precisely, the concept has already existed before, but now it has sparkled with new colours. Musicians who never did performances in front of the camera at home, began to turn it on more often and not only perform, but also communicate with their audience live, answering questions and performing their songs on request.

Even the so-called online festivals have appeared, which are a many-hour marathon consisting of the performances of different artists. In today’s online world there are three types of performances:

- unreleased old shows
- pre-recorded exclusive home set for a specific event
- real live broadcast from home or studio

It’s very hard to follow and know about all the events of that kind. Therefore, I propose to share similar events in Facebook or in comments. Future and past. In this situation of concert activity all of us are in the same conditions. Everyone can “go” to the concert and the atmosphere of the monitor will not be much different, so there is no any point in writing classic reports about shows. Everyone can watch the video and make own conclusions. So here will be only the list of events with dates, line-up, short description and link to the video…

20 March 2020 - Ash Code Live Stream

Line-up: Ash Code
Genres: Postpunk, Coldwave
Format: live broadcast
Description: One of the first online concerts was organized by Italians ASH CODE during a tense situation and widespread quarantine and lockdown in Italy.

03 April 2020 - Cryo. Live Stream Concert From Gothenburg

Line-up: Cryo
Genres: EBM
Format: live broadcast
Description: One of the first online concerts was CRYO’s show in the club in Sweden. Everything is done professionally and efficiently.

05 April 2020 - Mental Discipline. Live in House

Line-up: Mental Discipline
Genres: Synth Pop, Future Pop
Format: live broadcast
Description: Live stream from the bedroom with home comfort. MENTAL DISCIPLINE played well. And there will be another one.

18 April 2020 - Diorama. Live in House

Line-up: Diorama
Genres: Synth-Goth, Darkwave
Format: live broadcast
Description: DIORAMA also performed live with a very cool atmosphere of home show, communication with the audience, which in fact was not seen by the duo, and a rather emotional performance. The performance was stripped down to Torben and Felix, so there were just the keys, no drums of guitar. But still it was a very special event.

24 April 2020 - DoppelgangeR. Online concert

Line-up: DoppelgangeR
Genres: Gothic Rock
Format: live broadcast
Description: Russian Gothic rockers DOPPELGANGER also delighted their listeners with a good live performance

25 April 2020 - Mr. Kitty // Digital V2

Line-up: Mr. Kitty
Genres: Synth Pop, Electro Pop, Electronic
Format: live broadcast
Description: MR. KITTY did two shows with a several hours gap between. The first concert was in the evening according to European time and was a kind of trial, because the light was too strong, so it was simply unreal to watch on the screen. But the second performance, which was at 5 a.m. the next day, turned out to be quite good.

26 April 2020 - Live to the Masses - Concert of the Band XIII. Století

Line-up: XIII. Století
Genres: Gothic Rock, Dark Rock
Format: live broadcast
Description: XIII. STOLETÍ in the Czech Republic is a very popular project, so the organizers tried to make their online performance with all seriousness. It was not at the band’s house, but in a separate room with the team that was involved in the organization and everything around, and not even in the city where the musicians live. The organizers also launched a voluntary fundraiser for the musicians, who in fact earn only from music, and collected a rather large amount. The concert was unique, because the keyboard player Katerina went for Slovakia before closing the borders and stayed there, so their old keyboard player, who didn’t perform for many years, became the part of the band again, therefore the track list for the performance was not quite ordinary. One of the best online gigs so far at the moment. The concert starts at 49:40 after news and advertising.

30 April 2020 - Inkubus Sukkubus. Merry Beltaine

Line-up: Inkubus Sukkubus
Genres: Gothic Rock, Acoustic
Format: live broadcast
Description: Spontaneous acoustic performance at home in armchairs in honour of the holiday of the first day of summer from the old British project INKUBUS SUKKUBUS. It’s a very touching and interesting show, which can be easily held under the mark of “you won’t see this at concerts”.

30 April 2020 - Retropop. Vappulive

Line-up: Retropop
Genres: Electro Pop
Format: live broadcast
Description: In fact, the Finnish RETROPOP project already had videos of acoustic performance of their songs in the home environment. But their full concert from their studio was held for the first time. Funny camera in the beginning settings and great fiery performance. Cool concert. The only disadvantage was not so good sound. I think that they will come back with a clearer sound.

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