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Solar FakeAction Club, Saint Petersburg, Russia
12th October 2019
Solar Fake, Ten After Dawn and Mental Discipline

In the early morning of October 12 I caught the Sapsan (high-speed train from Moscow to St. Petersburg). The trip was comfortable, some types of nature were simply mesmerizing, it was a pity that it wasn’t possible to stop to take pics, there were very some interesting views since this landscape is much different from ours, in the South of Russia. Four hours flew quite quickly, this time I checked the photos from last show, deleted a lot of pics that were spoiled due to light and charged the camera for a new day.

Saint Petersburg met me with cool weather and drizzling rain. There was not much time before the concert and the weather wasn’t quite good for a walk but this is ok, there were four days ahead to explore this magnificent city. The club “Backstage” is now known as “Action”. I was there before already, in 2016 during a SOLAR FAKE concert. I like that place because of the cool design, nice staff, and low ceilings draped with black soft fabric. The stage is not big and the audience is just too close to the stage, so all these elements create such a cosy atmosphere. But it was a bit hot during the show, not surprisingly there were so many people and everybody was dancing.

03 Solar Fake 7

The Meet & Greet has already began when I got to the club, the ride took a little longer because of the weather and heavy rain. There were gifts from the fans, small conversations with the musicians, taking pics, autographs and the final common photo. Everything was friendly, many smiles and pleasant moments. The show in Saint-Petersburg was just excellent. Melody, lyrics, performance it was in common beautiful creation, impressive, I can say undoubtedly this show was an inspiring thing. The SOLAR guys were enjoying the show as much as we were happy to see them again and to be involved in such an amazing performance.

03 Solar Fake 8

The SOLAR FAKE shows in Moscow and Saint Petersburg were a great motivation for me to visit such interesting cities, to explore many amazing places and sights and, of course, meet dear friends, meet new ones and to feel, see, join to my favourite music, to be involved in such a beautiful event LIKE SOLAR FAKE in Russia! I’d like to say special thanks to dear Sven, Lars, and André for such a perfect time, for warm and friendly Meet & Greet, for amazing and unforgettable shows! It was a very beautiful and inspiring time! Sven promised us to come back soon, so we hope! We are looking forward to our beloved SOLAR guys in Russia! Thank you!

03 Solar Fake 20

01. Sick Of You
02. No Apologies
03. Here I Stand
04. Under Control
05. Reset To Default
06. All The Things You Say
07. I Don't Want You In Here
08. A Bullet Left For You
09. Pain That Kills You Too
10. Invisible
11. Not What I Wanted
12. More Than This
13. Parasites
14. If This Is Hope
15. Observer
16. Under The Skies
17. These Things (She Wants Revenge cover)
18. Where Are You
19. Stay
20. Papillon (Editors cover)
21. The Pages

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All pictures by Svetlana Kovalenko (@Krasnodarspace)

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