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Solar Fake MarkthalleMarkthalle, Hamburg, Germany
11th June 2022
Solar Fake - “Enjoy Dystopia Tour” & special guest: Seadrake

SOLAR FAKE hardly waited to bring their current hit album ‘Enjoy Dystopia’ to the stage. And I got a great opportunity to attend one of these great shows in Hamburg. Their 6th LP by now reached a remarkable 4th place in the official German album charts and played its way deep into the hearts of the fans. Most of the last tours and concerts were sold out. Great guests were also invited, like SEADRAKE with their two new vocalists, and after the show, it was great to visit the legendary RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD PARTY. Therefore, it was a wonderful experience for die-hard fans and everyone who enjoys good and varied electro / industrial / pop / punk. And now some more details…


SEADRAKE is an electronic music and art collective led by Mathias Thürk (ex-MINERVE) and Rickard Gunnarsson (STATEMACHINE, LOWE) based in Zürich and Stockholm. Their #1 debut album made the charts in Germany and Norway and saw SEADRAKE play several sold-out shows and music festivals including Castle Party, Wave Gotik Treffen, and the 2019 tour with German synth band SOLAR FAKE. SEADRAKE will release brand new music and play several shows and festivals in 2022.

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Music & Performance
As I found out from the band’s recent interviews, the musicians are open to collaboration with different vocalists, so it’s very original, experiments not only in sound but also with the team. Dorian Electrique (DEAR STRANGE, WE ARE LOVEBLIND) and Sir Boyfriend (VISITEUR) joined the SEADRAKE collective on this tour with SOLAR FAKE. And it turned out to be a very energetic and dancing warm-up for this evening. I was very happy to hear time-tested hits like ‘What you do to me’, ‘Lower than this’, and new singles ‘The fever’, ‘Daydream’ etc. It was also very pleasant for me to see that the band openly supports Ukraine in these difficult times for my country, for example, Rickard performed on stage with a patch of the Ukrainian flag, and after the show, the guys happily took a joint photo with the Ukrainian flag.

seadrake flag

Now it is very important not to keep silent and convey to the public important things for this time.

01. Get it on
02. What you do to me
03. Something durable
04. Killer
05. Daydream
06. Lower than this
07. Asche
08. The fever

Music: 9
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8.2 / 10

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Solar Fake

SOLAR FAKE is always ready for a surprise and offers its ever-growing fan community a new masterpiece with every new album. In this respect, ‘Enjoy Dystopia’ is no exception. Always going the extra mile and getting better, that is what SOLAR FAKE stand for and they prove it once again with their new output. In addition to the new songs, there were also the hits and certainly some rarities to hear.

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Music & Performance
We have long been connected with SOLAR FAKE by mutual cooperation and friendship, but every time their performance is a real synth-pop holiday for me. SOLAR FAKE started its performance with the crushing ‘At Least We’ll Forget’. The lovely verse and the beautiful bridge groove in properly until the scream-along, high-energy chorus just bangs in. It gets your feet pumping and makes you feel good. ‘Reset to Default’ is a melancholic ballad with which I have my personal associations for one period of time in Kyiv. ‘This Pretty Life’ is a bit more old-school synth-pop, the production of the vocals already sounds very retro-biased - in the chorus, on the other hand, a more than hit, the danceable bomb is detonated - “This pretty life - a shattered vow / and nothing is left to blow”.

IMG 5276

‘Arrive Somewhere’ has a crisp rhythm and a wonderful melody that put you in a good mood. In ‘I Despise You’ the anger sounds almost mournful, much more urgent, and less cold. ‘More Than This’ is a long-time favorite electro thriller, which became the foundation of the band’s style at the very beginning of its formation. ‘It’s Who You Are’ has some very strong 80s reminiscences. And the legendary PIXIES cover ‘Where Is My Mind?’ cannot leave indifferent. And this is only a small part of the musical emotions that we experienced during the concert. Since from song to song it was always different associations and sensations. With studio album number six, SOLAR FAKE fulfills all expectations that one could have of a record from this exceptional band. Catchy, hit potential, fabulously composed, and biting.

IMG 5369

All songs from ‘Enjoy Dystopia’, are killer, with no filler, with a musical accuracy, full of displeasure poured into a melody that gets on your legs and relieves your head. This is undeniably high-quality sound and of course, live performance is also an unforgettable experience. The new album mixed with old hits is a great journey into the SOLAR FAKE universe. SOLAR FAKE also supports Ukrainian music lovers, they made a nice support video after the concert and also a photo with the Ukrainian flag. We love you guys and sincerely thank you for your support and unforgettable show.

solarfake flag

01. At Least We’ll Forget
02. Reset to Default
03. This Pretty Life
04. Under Control
05. Implode
06. All the Things You Say
07. I Don’t Want You in Here
08. Invisible
09. Not What I Wanted
10. Arrive Somewhere
11. Es geht dich nichts an
12. More Than This
13. I Despise You
14. I’d Rather Break
15. It’s Who You Are
16. The Pain That Kills You Too
17. Observer
18. Sick of You
19. No Apologies
20. Where Is My Mind? (Pixies cover)
21. Stay
22. Papillon (Editors cover)
23. I Hate You More Than My Life
24. Where Are You
25. Wish Myself Away

Music: 10
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 8
Total: 9 / 10

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All pictures by Iryna Kalenska

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