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diorama fastadvancefastreverse
Artist: Diorama
Title: Fast Advance Fast Reverse
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 9th December 2022
Label: Accession Records

Album Review

DIORAMA don’t need an introduction. Welcome to the newest release of the Reutlinger original - ‘Fast Advance Fast Reverse’ - which may seem like, but is not just another remix album. The upcoming release is an additional, missing piece which we didn’t know about, complementing the album release from 2020 ‘tiny missing fragments’. I remember sitting in a hotel room somewhere close to Deutzen, evening after another festival day, and listening to ‘tiny missing fragments’ for the first time. What’s two years ago now, feels almost like a different life. And so is ‘Fast Advance Fast Reverse’ - a completely different perspective on the songs from back then.

The first remix of ‘Horizons’ by ZOODRAKE is vibing immediately, spooky autumn vibes inclusive. Super danceable, electronic, version with underlying sample layers which tease out the chills. I’d love to hear this version at the next party and am sure it will get many fans on the dancefloor. ‘Horizons’ in the 2022 version by ZOODRAKE is light, yet mysterious and makes you curious about discovering all the little details which may be hidden on the following songs of the release.

‘Gasoline’ in the guitar edit version - wow, what a change. ‘Gasoline’ quickly became a very intense, powerful and meaningful song for me. I did not have any specific expectations towards this version, though making it more intense seemed probably not possible. But this version is just as pure and minimalistic, damn. This may sound exaggerated but this version in its clean, soft version is just as intense as the album version. Or maybe even more. Breath-taking to hear how the calmer guitar edit creates a whole different, yet as powerful atmosphere - like a volatile touch which disappears as sudden as it comes.

‘Iisland’ remixed by FADERHEAD was the first remix I heard live and as someone who has spent many hours listening to both, FADERHEAD and DIORAMA, this version was sort of “confusing” as both bands’ very characteristic sounds melt in together in this remix. It’s extremely fun to listen to this song which should definitely get to be played in clubs as well. ‘Patchwork’ - didn’t need to read more than piano edit to know where this one will go. Not being dramatic here - what shall I say - give DIORAMA a piano and the magic will do its work. However, all the tiny details which occur along the way and the strength of the emotions in the vocals do their job, seriously, lacking words to describe this magic. And I thought, I knew the songs already by heart.

For an avant-gardesque version of ‘Dark Pitch’ please refer to the remix by CHRCHTS. I’ll leave it to you to discover this one. The Lush Edit of ‘Iisland’ by DIORAMA themselves shows a completely different side of the song. Not comparable to the FADERHEAD remix and therefore feels like a completely different song. More gambling and experimenting in a different direction. If you are curious to hear ‘Gasoline’ in a 90ies Synth Pop version with a Rave touch, you may love the remix by MENTAL DISCIPLINE - all the flashbacks! ‘Horizons’ in the ‘Chilled Edit’ starts so light and soft, it’s difficult to recognize the song at all. But then, Torben’s vocals and Felix’ backing vocals join in and give this soft tiny fragment almost creepy vibes, transferring further into something spherical and light again. And the instrumental solo is so fun to listen to.

‘Fast Advance fast Reverse’ is closing with another version of ‘Iisland’ - rave, electronic version of the song. All three remix versions of the song presented on this release reveal another side of the composition. It will for sure take many repeats to discover all the little details and gambling. An exciting, non-repeating release to discover in those dark, cold nights.


01. Horizons (Remix by Zoodrake)
02. Gasoline (Guitar Edit by Diorama)
03. Iisland (Remix by Faderhead)
04. Patchwork (Piano Edit by Diorama)
05. Dark Pitch (Remix by Chrchts)
06. Iisland (Lush Edit by Diorama)
07. Gasoline (Remix by Mental Discipline)
08. Horizons (Chilled Edit by Diorama)
09. Iisland (Remix by Broken Spencer)


Torben Wendt - Vocals, Keys
Felix Marc - Vocals, Keys
Markus Halter - Drums
Zura Dzagnidze - Guitar

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diorama fastadvancefastreverse


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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