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Matrix, Bochum, Germany
13th November 2010
End Of Green, Die Away

END OF GREEN rocked Bochum on Saturday night. ‘High Hopes In Low Places’ is the latest album of the five smart guys from Stuttgart. It was released in August 2010. Since I've seen the band once on a festival, I was really curious to see them at a normal concert. There was already a little crowd in the Matrix when we arrived. The doors had just been opened, so we slipped in with all the different people, waiting for the concert to start.

Die Away

The three guys found together in 2004. On MySpace, their demo CD was discovered by END OF GREEN singer Michelle Darkness. He liked their music so much that he produced their debut album ‘A Downright Lie’.

Music & Performance
The guys entered the stage right in time, facing quite a curious crowd in front of the stage. The calm but very emotional performance of bassist and singer Dennis Luik was in line with the expressive lyrics and music of the band. Therefore they could easily draw the people’s attention to their smart arrangements. Songs like “Brown Eyes” really touched the soul. It was great to see how both the bassist and the drummer enjoyed playing their instruments and how they offered the crowd a great show at the same time. But also the whole band constantly stayed in contact with their audience, never losing sight of them. Altogether it was a good start of that night, preparing everyone for what was still to come!

Music: 6
Performance: 6
Sound: 7
Light: 5
Total: 6 / 10

End of Green

The German band END OF GREEN founded in 1992 in Stuttgart and back in the beginnings they played a mixture of Goth Rock and Metal. According to singer Michael Huber, the band name symbolizes the end of hope, associated with the colour Green. A few line-up changes and demos later, they eventually signed a deal with Nuclear Blast and released the debut ‘Infinity’ in 1996. Soon afterwards the band and the label broke up again and unleash the next album on the new Subzero Records label. Constant touring with acts like PARADISE LOST, IN EXTREMO or IGGY POP provides for a growing fan base that waits until 2002 until ‘Songs for a Dying World’ is released, finally. It just takes one year for them to come up with the next record ‘Last Night on Earth’ in 2003. The seventh and newest album ‘High Hopes In Low Places’ hit the shops in August. The current line-up is as follows: Michelle Darkness (vocals, guitar), Kirk Kirker (guitar), Sad Sir (guitar), Rainier Sicone Di Hampez (bass) and Lusiffer (drums). /

Music & Performance
Right from the beginning, Michelle Darkness stressed how much he enjoyed being in Bochum, giving him an awesome opportunity to raise the crowd’s enthusiasm even more. The five guys did a brilliant show, rocking the stage in front of a great audience. Michelle with his characteristic voice stood in front of the microphone, being the “calming influence“. Unfortunately, the guitar player had to struggle with some technical difficulties, yet this shouldn’t be a big deal as the band took it with a pinch of salt. In fact, it was what gave the show the personal touch that makes every show that famous extra bit better, creating kind of a familiar atmosphere.

With time, people became wild and thrilled, some guys even started crowd surfing. It was a great show, presenting a mix of new and well-known older songs from the album ‘The Sick’s Sense’ and the current album ‘High Hopes in Low Places’. Time flew, so two hours seemed to pass like in no time. Of course, this highly enjoyable time was topped with five great bonus songs. Here the drummer had some problems with his drums again, but yet again this was no problem for him and the others at all. It was a really exciting and successful concert and I’m sure everyone will remember it for a long time!

Music: 9
Performance: 7
Sound: 8
Light: 6
Total: 7.8 / 10

All pictures by Marcus Nathofer

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