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Die Röhre, Stuttgart, Germany
15th November 2010
Diary of Dreams, dAVOS

With the date in Stuttgart, DIARY OF DREAMS’ Ego:X tour made its start at the soon defunct club “Die Röhre” which became the scenery for a magnificent concert evening for the people in attendance.


As support, the Vienna based band DAVOS were scheduled. The band, formed in 2004 with Eric Nelson (vocals), Gerd Hall (music) and Michael Ruin (keys) already attracted some attention in the last years. For instance they have worked together with TORBEN WENDT, AND ONE, L'AME IMMORTELLE or PSYCHE and their contributions can be found on many compilations. Also their EPs ‘I Start Mourning’ and ‘Cindy’ became a success. The track ‘Within Control’ reached the top 3 of German Electronic Web charts. /

Music & Performance
Now I came to see DAVOS playing live for the first time. When the band, sadly without Gerd Hall, entered the stage around 8 PM the club already was quite crowded. They started with my favourite song ‘What I Prefer’ and from their repertoire played other tracks like ‘Illuminate’ or ‘These Days’. Even though you could sense the band lacks the stage experience yet, the fair audience in Stuttgart requited every song with applause. The guys from Vienna presented diversified synth pop and will also be accompanying DIARY OF DREAMS on their dates in Munich, Frankfurt, Duisburg, Hamburg, Leipzig and Berlin.

01. What I Prefer
02. Illuminate
03. These Days
04. For Heaven's Sake
05. My New Pearl
06. Decline
07. Lass es sein

Music: 7
Performance: 7
Sound: 7
Light: 7
Total: 7 / 10

Diary of Dreams

Following their hailed support shows for UNHEILIG, DIARY OF DREAMS embarked on a solo tour again and started in Stuttgart. DIARY OF DREAMS has been founded in 1989 by Adrian Hates. They have released a string of full-length albums by now and continue to amaze a steadily growing number of followers.  /

Music & Performance
After a longer break, used for the final sound check by the friendly crew members, the lights dimmed and the band entered the fog-drenched stage to the first sounds of the introduction. The known line-up of Adrian Hates (vocals, guitar), Gaun:A (guitar, vocals) and Flex (bass) was complemented with a new keyboard player and drummer, both doing an excellent job that evening. Adrian Hates welcomed the enthusiastic audience with a “Good evening Stuttgart” and that the first song now actually should be called ‘Nekrolog 21’. Raises the question if he was also thinking of this concert probably being his last one at this particular club before it’s going to close its doors due to the controversial station project in Stuttgart. Besides well-known songs of the band’s history, probably all having undergone a rework for the tour, also the first song ‘Echo In Me’ off the upcoming new album ‘Ego:X’ was played.

According to Adrian, this one’s a very important song that embodies the power and the sound of the new record - Also it hit very well with the crowd. So not even a fucked up lyric part could destroy the mood, with that otherwise perfect band, and they got celebrated by the masses. A happy and visibly contend Adrian concluded the show with the words “Stuttgart rocks” before the indispensable encores were played, including songs like ‘O’Brother Sleep’ or ‘Giftraum’ that as acoustic versions became a spine-tingling experience. I could witness extremely happy fans that will most likely spend their time until the new album’s release as dreamers.

01. Nekrolog 43
02. The Wedding
03. Echo in me
04. Odyssey Asylum
05. Hypo)crypticK(al
06. Splinter
07. King Of Nowhere
08. Choir Hotel
09. Immerdar
10. The Darkest Of All Hours
11. Wahn!Sinn?
12. Undividable
13. 21 Grams Of Nothing
14. The Chain
15. The Plague
16. Chemicals
17. Kindrom
18. O'Brother Sleep
19. The Curse
20. Giftraum
21. Traumtänzer
22. MenschFeind
23. Soul Stripper
24. She and her Darkness


Music: 9
Performance: 8
Sound: 9
Light: 9
Total: 8.7 / 10

All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( / /

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