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davos tenderlovingcare
Artist: dAVOS
Title: Tender Loving Care
Genre: Synth Pop
Release Date: 5th August 2011
Label: Ionium Records

Album Review

The band has been founded by two founding members of SHARON NEXT complemented with a solo artist as front man. Ever since those three have joined forces a lot has happened. They’ve released three EPs on three different labels and through joint-ventures with AND ONE or L’AME IMMORTELLE they’ve gained quite a high reputation in the German electro scene. At the end of 2007 they eventually unleashed their first full-length ‘Just like mine’ on Synthom Records. In 2009, a split EP was released comprising 3 songs of the band with 3 others from HEIRSTYLE.

While listening through these songs I am kind of transported back to the 80´s but the easy and playful songs works amazingly good today. Since I am a lover of good synth-pop I really enjoy all the songs on this well built album. ‘Tender Loving Care’ opens up the album and I enjoy listening to this easy and good song. I like that it’s so easy to hear what the singer Eric Nelson is singing. ‘Illuminate’ (Jesus on Extasy Remix) was an instant favourite; it begins with interesting and good synth sounds before the song opens up with an easy rhythm. Clear and good vocals join in and then the song speeds up some. I simply close my eyes and just enjoy the music that is a cool combination of keyboard, guitars and drums. Catchy chorus that easily get stuck on your mind, I like the playful tone in this song that also make me feel a little sad - how contradict. ‘See Clear’ (Korbin King Remix) starts out slow with intense and moving vocals. Then the song changes and speeds up in a cool way. This song is kind of addictive; I enjoy the suggestive atmosphere that it creates and love the moving melody.


01. Tender Loving Care 03:27
02. A Hidden Place (Radio Edit) 03:42
03. Tender Loving Care (Andyk Remix) 04:41
04. These Days (Per-Anders Kurenbach Remix) 07:18
05. Illuminate (Jesus on Extasy Remix) 06:07
06. See Clear (Korbin King Remix) 05:00
07. Richie (Dependency Remix By People Theatre) 05:24


Eric Nelson - Vocals
Michael Ruin - Music
Matt C. - Music


Cover Picture

davos tenderlovingcare


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 7 / 10

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