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dod dreamcollector2
Artist: Diary of Dreams
Title: Dream Collector II
Genre: Dark Wave / Electronic
Release Date: 8th June 2012
Label: Accession Records

Album Review

A short span of 9 years has passed since the first 'Dream Collector' of DIARY OF DREAMS was released. The concept of it hasn't changed though, no matter the temporal distance: Bringing those who didn't have the chance to pick up some of the album's limited editions some bonus treats, and those who were altered versions of what they're already familiar with. Suppose that makes me part of the latter category. The ghost track off 'Nigredo' starts the collection, which reminds of the discussion started back then what the actual title of the lead-in to 'MenschFeind' was. The new 'Undividable' has been given a punchier drum line while the piano's completely gone. 'The Plague' now is a straight club-compatible track that in my opinion lacks any edges. Following track is 'The Wedding'. Apart from the altered beginning I couldn't spot any differences between the original version and the one being included on 'dream Collector II'. The revamped 'MenschFeind' is a real improvement, especially with its menacing introduction and the heavier beat section.

'UnWanted?' comes off cleaner this time and by cleaner I mean clearly more detailed and very much focused on the vocals. 'the Return' bears the additional title "(Dark Edit)". Anyone who can tell me how that one is darker than the original was? Good song anyway. I'm just not sure why the addition to the title was necessary at all. 'Never tell the Widow' was and is the strongest of the bonus tracks of the '(if)' album sessions. It is getting pitch-black as in the dead of night while it tells about increasing estrangement and offers incredibly haunting atmospheres. The alternative version of 'Psycho-Logic' brings out more of the desperation this songs actually carries within. 'Out Of My World' only was available digitally through Itunes if I recall correctly and I think it's highly likely that many people have never heard this song before. It's one of the more massive DIARY OF DREAMS songs with a whole lot of layers and textures added. Still not sure why this one didn't make the cut back then.

In its original state, 'King Of Nowhere' already show certain affinities towards the dance floor, so making it a fully-fledged club song can't have been too hard to do. Other than many, this song doesn't suffer from the treatment. It's losing nothing of its magic. 'Grey The Blue' wins a lot when no drums are to be heard, well almost none. It feels much more epic this way. The question at the end is: Do you need it or not? Well, the answer isn't that simple. If you know all the stuff already and own the limited editions it's not particularly an essential. If you're in the first category I mentioned earlier though, you should be sure to pick up a copy, or if you just want to keep your collection complete.


01. Kalt! (Ghost Track) - 3:13
02. Undividable (DCII E-Mix Edit) - 4:31
03. the Plague (Vers. N4-4 DCII Edit) - 4:28
04. the Wedding (DCII Edit) - 5:06
05. MenschFeind (DCII Version) - 4:26
06. Giftraum (DCII Version) - 3:59
07. UnWanted? (DCII Edit) - 3:58
08. the Return (DCII Dark Edit) - 4:54
09. Never tell the widow (Bonus Track) - 6:32
10. Splinter (Original Version) - 4:47
11. Psycho-Logic (Alternative Version) - 6:41
12. Out of my world (Bonus Track) - 5:14
13. King of Nowhere (Club Mix DCII Edit) - 4:12
14. Grey the blue (DCII Version) – 4:16
15. Element IV: Angst (DCII Version) - 3:11


Adrian Hates

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dod dreamcollector2


Music: 7
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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