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LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart, Germany
6th April 2007
End of Green, Glas

Once again it was time this evening for END OF GREEN from Stuttgart to rock the Longhorn and take away their fans to a world of wonderful melancholy and sadness. This concert was a special one for the newcomer band GLAS from Austria also. END OF GREEN had decided to give young musicians a big chance and had offered the opportunity to apply to be their support this night. As Michael Setzer, EOG's guitarist, told the audience in the beginning, they had received quite a lot of demos, and had finally chosen the Austrian band GLAS, whose tape had convinced all band members. The Longhorn was well-filled, and so we were looking forward to the unconsumed trio from our neighbouring country, and naturally to Michelle Darkness and his band mates and their Depressed Subcore.


Support during this evening was the newcomer GLAS.

GLAS are a trio consisting of a male vocalist, who also plays the guitar and for one song took seat behind the keyboard, a female bassist and of course a drummer. They play quite ordinary Rock music, with a very clear sound, pervaded by calm and melancholic parts and dominated by the singer's voice, which is not bad, but maybe needs a little bit more live experience to fully display its potential. The songs are nice to listen to, but lack the ultimate characteristic to really catch one's ears. An exception is maybe the fragile song, as I remember it was the last but one, with the vocalist on keyboards. 

The Austrians offered a very calm, not to say a bit boring show on stage. They had beautiful light in various colours, and the whole, not very small Longhorn stage at their disposal, but they seemed a little bit overburdened with that. I do not know how much live experience they already have, but the energetic, faster parts of their songs absolutely offered the possibility for, if not demanded for more action. So the audience reacted rather cautiously likewise. Nevertheless, this evening surely was a big chance for the newcomers, and maybe they could find some new fans among the visitors.

Music: 6
Performance: 3
Sound: 7
Light: 8
Total: 5.6


‘Dead End Dreaming’ is the title of END OF GREEN’s latest record - their third album released by Silverdust. The band from Stuttgart (Germany) was founded in 1992 by Michael Huber (voc/g), Oliver Merkle (g), Rainer Hampel (b) and Matthias Siffermann (dr). They finished their first album in 1996 - ‘Infinity’ (Nuclear Blast). Their next long-player ‘Believe My Friend’ appeared via Subzero Records. In the following time they completed their line-up with Michael Setzer (g) and did a lot of touring, among others with PARADISE LOST, SENTENCED and IGGY POP. Line-up: Michelle Darkness (Michael Huber) - vocals/guitars, Kirk Kerker (Oliver Merkle) - guitars, Sad Sir (Michael Setzer) - guitars, Rainier Sicone di Hampez (Rainer Hampel) - bass and Cardinal Mazinger (Matthias Siffermann) - drums.

During the last years the Dark Rock band END OF GREEN from Stuttgart managed to enlarge their following considerably, and especially their latest release, ‘Dead End Dreaming’ (Silverdust, 2005), was pretty successful and for the first time brought them a chart entry. They play a fresh, energetic Gothic/Dark Rock, pervaded by melancholic and dreamy parts and with some Alternative and Doom Metal influences also. Remarkable is Michelle's very deep and special voice, which gives the songs a peculiar character. This evening, they played as expected a cross section through their albums up to now, starting out with hits like ‘Dead End Dreaming’ and the fantastic ‘Weakness’. The numerous fans acclaimed their heroes and sang along passionately, and all in all the spirit was very nice and despite of the full Longhorn somehow familiar.

For quite some time now I like this band very much, and it is always a pleasure to see them live on stage. Their well-produced stuff is also very good on CD, but seeing them live has something more raw and vital to it. Their stage performance is very dynamic and especially bassist Rainier, but also the two guitarists Oliver (Sad Sir) and Kirk, run riot indefatigably over the stage floor, while Michelle stands behind his microphone, enchanting the audience with their soulful and moony lyrics.

The light show this evening was interesting, mostly beams coming from the back, and though it didn't make it easier for the photographers, I must admit that it was kind of fitting and very atmospheric.  Michelle talked a lot to the audience, and I can imagine there were a lot of people there who like the band for many years now - but surely they could convince some new ones, too, this evening.   

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 6
Total: 8.4

All pictures by Ruth Gräbeldinger

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