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Artist: Flint Glass & Polarlicht 4.1 / Transistor
Title: Zoran’s Equation
Genre: Noise / Experimental / Dark Ambient
Release Date: 15th April 2011
Label: Black Rain Rec.

Album Review

The collaboration of two electronic projects, namely FLINT GLASS and POLARLICHT 4.1 developed into a 10-track album, entitled ‘Zoran’s Equation’ and inspired by the novel of French writer Renè Barjavel ‘La nuit des temps’, the English title of which is ‘The Ice People’. First of all it should be said, that this creation is conceptual that’s the appraisal will be unequivocal: you may like it and appreciate the idea or don’t like it at all without trying to understand what it’s about. The opening piece looks mostly like a collection of various sounds and sometimes phrases and is supposed to create the appropriate atmosphere that remains till the end of the album.

The next tracks are even more complicated and obscure. Maybe those who read the novel will understand the compositions otherwise the associations will be absolutely different. But if we start to examine every track carefully looking for its meaning or message, whatever the review will be too long and way too boring. So I’d like to mark out a couple of songs, yet it’s hard to call them “songs”, which are more interesting than the rest of the material. The first one is ‘Gonwana’ that seems to be vivid and powerful thanks to the beats diluting the general monotony. The other one will be ‘Lost Souls’ as the most accessible composition off the album. Thus ‘Zoran’s Equation’ is hard to listen and comprehend in case you are not a fan of such experimental music of course.


01. Mange-Machine – 5:33
02. Immortals – 4:42
03. Which Does not Exist, Exists – 4:59
04. The Ice People – 4:46
05. Gondwana – 3:43
06. Isolation – 4:21
07. Aurore Australe – 4:48
08. Frozen Bodies – 4:19
09. Lost Souls – 6:01
10. Sleeping Beauty – 4:19


Gwenn Trémorin
Ronny J

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Music: 4
Sound: 5
Extras: -
Total: 4.5 / 10

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