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Title: Nyarlathotep & From Beyond EP
Artist: Flint Glass
Genre: Industrial, Dark Ambient
Release Date: 11th December 2009
Label: Funkwelten

Album Review

What is to be expected when FLINT GLASS-mastermind Gwenn Trémorin avows himself to be inspired by novels from American horror, science fiction and fantasy author H. P. Lovecraft? If you have ever read one of the sinister books written by Lovecraft, you will know that the re-release of the FLINT GLASS album `Nyarlathotep´ won’t be cheerful or light-hearted stuff but probably distinctive due to gloomy and disturbing tendencies. As I mentioned before, `Nyarlathotep´ was actually released in 2006 following up the debut album `Hierakonpolis´ (2002). As the highly acclaimed `Nyarlathotep´ had already been completely sold out, there will be a new opportunity to purchase this album in combination with the bonus EP `From Beyond´. However, the re-release version is strictly limited to 500 copies. Therefore, it’s recommendable to make a quick purchase decision.

The opening track `R'leyh la morte´ conjures up images of a landing UFO introduced by deeply ominous synth sounds and effective atmospherics that constitute the fertile ground for fanciful sceneries. Rounded off by the sounds of thunder, the very short `Neither dead´ takes the same line and even reinforces the impression that there is something wrong. Ethereal echoes, that seem to come right from beyond, mix with pulsating keys and create the basis for the threatening `Brain speeking machine´. Though the album lacks growling or whispering vocals that are usually used to provide an appropriate framework making you clack your teeth, it isn’t addressed to the faint-hearted whereas fans of horror movies and science fiction stuff won’t be disappointed for sure. Some of the partly very short tracks, such as `Ubbo-Sathla´ or `Hastur´, are rather connecting passages leading over to epic soundscapes like the detailed, industrial-influenced and absolutely frightening `Cthulhu dawn´ that will leave you trembling with fear. Eventually, the album concludes with four remixes that aren´t less dark compared to the previous instrumental tracks.

Containing all in all seven tracks, the bonus EP `From Beyond´ keeps its promise regarding the choice of its title and is a nice goody for those who can’t get enough of the mysterious synth soundscapes. Thus, the complete bonus stuff could have been found on the full-length album as well and doesn’t differ that much from `Nyarlathotep´, at least for people like me who seldom listens to instrumental music like this.


Studio album `Nyarlathotep´:
01. R'leyh la morte
02. Neither dead
03. Brain speeking machine
04. Azathoth
05. De vermis mysteriis
06. Ubbo Sathla
07. Nephren Ka
08. Hastur
09. Alhazred
10. Yuggoth
11. Angular space
12. Shudde M'ell
13. Cthulhu dawn
14. Yog Sothot
15. Slither chaos
16. Brain death remix by Ah Cama Sotz
17. Germ code remix by Disharmony
18. Brain speeking machine by Xabec
19. R'leyh la morte by TMO&Empusae

Bonus EP `From Beyond´:
01. Al Takwi
02. Ghroth
03. Hypnos
04. Yegg ha
05. Al Azif
06. Xurhn
07. The Hound


Gwenn Trémorin

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Music: 7
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10


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