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Title: A Taste of Extreme Divinity
Artist: Hypocrisy
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: 23rd October 2009
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Album Review

In 1990, Peter Tägtgren founded the Swedish death metal band HYPOCRISY and released their debut record ‘Penetralia’ in 1992. Until 1994, Masse Bromberg (who is nowadays singing in DARK FUNERAL) was responsible for the vocals, since his departure, Peter has been doing the vocals himself. During 1994-1997, HYPOCRISY also recorded two albums under the name ‘The Abyss’; those records were more black metal and old-school orientated. It was in 1997, were Peter almost decided to dismantle HYPOCRISY in favour of his new band, PAIN, which veered more into the industrial direction. Over the time, lots of albums were released, such as ‘Hypocrisy’ (1999), ‘Catch 22’ (2002, also re-recorded in 2008) and ‘Virus’ (2005). After the last studio album in 2005, Peter decided to concentrate more on PAIN, which meant a break for HYPOCRISY.

On the 23rd of October 2009, their highly awaited newest studio album ‘A Taste of Extreme Divinity’ was released. And well, the waiting was surely worth it. It is very visible that the band around mastermind Peter really put a lot effort and consideration in this record, the sound quality and mixing is (unsurprisingly) perfect and all eleven (or twelve, including the extra track ‘The Sinner’) are full of spiritedness. ‘Valley of the Damned’ opens up this album and already marks an effective initiation, including a melodic yet energetic refrain and an amazing groove. After a small, whispered intro, ‘Hang Him High’ continues a bit slower, still remaining powerful and a unique hook-line. ‘Solar Empire’ keeps up in this manner, whilst ‘Weed out the Weak’ speeds up to the fastest song on the whole album with a more melodic middle-part. Definitely one of the album’s numerous highlights. Consequently, ‘No Tomorrow’ slows down again a bit, being the most anthem-like song with tellingly lyrics.

‘Global Damnation’ starts off somehow more technically, creating a dark, minatory atmosphere, underlined by Peter’s low growls and grim vocals in general. Afterwards, ‘Taste the Extreme Divinity’ tightens up the speed again, also including some more screamed, a bit high-pitched vocals at some fitting points. ‘Alive’ appears somehow black-metal-like, grooving as hell and at murderous pace. In contrast to that, ‘The Quest’ proceeds rather slowly, sluggish and with a lot of atmosphere. Furthermore, ‘Tamed (Filled with Fear)’ again grooves a lot and captivates the listener with an amazing mixture of heaviness and melody. The last dance, ‘Sky Is Falling Down’, might be a matter of taste, yet it is a well-done track. The digi pack and some other versions also include the song ‘The Sinner’, which is made up of sociocritical lyrics and a nice shout-a-long refrain.

To conclude, HYPOCRISY really put out a very storming record, definitely one of my aspirants for the title “Album of the year 2009”. Fans should also use the chance and catch them on their only headline tour in early 2010.


01. Valley of the Damned
02. Hang Him High
03. Solar Empire
04. Weed out the Weak
05. No Tomorrow
06. Global Damnation
07. Taste the Extreme Divinity
08. Alive
09. The Quest
10. Tamed (Filled With Fear)
11. Sky Is Falling Down
12. The Sinner (Bonus Track)


Peter Tägtgren - Vocals, Guitars
Mikael Hedlund - Bass
Horgh - Drums

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Music: 10
Sound: 10
Extras: -
Total: 10 / 10


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