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Patronaat, Haarlem, the Netherlands
14th May 2007
Keith Caputo, Taxi to the Ocean

It's a Monday night and when approaching the venue it seems like it was the wrong day of the week to do a concert. But inside the venue the space quickly filled up with people. Eventhough it was just the small hall it was eventually a sold out concert and that's always good for an artist, especially when it really makes them happy. A mixed crowd of all ages and backgrounds had come to see an intimate show of the little man with a great voice.

Taxi to the Ocean

A band from Utrecht had the honour to play as the support act for what they say is one of their heroes. These guys have been playing their own style for the past few years and have released one album and another one is in the pipeline. They started back in highschool and have been having fun ever since, leading Dutch music magainze Oor called they album 'a pleasant surprise', so how did they do on stage?

It's hard to describe the band's music and that for one thing is good... as long as it doesn't sound too weird for people to get the hang of it. But no such thing, it need some getting used to and it is surprising to see this band play before Keith Caputo but by all means these 5 guys play a nice tune. The vocals of Just Posthumus were good and strong and with the musical help of Robin van Saaze and Sander Oskamp on guitar, Joost Oskamp on bass and Remmert Velthuis hitting the drums this band made some good rock music. Maybe it's better to stop putting labels on bands, their bio is right, they make rock, in their own way. This band sure deserves some further listening, so just look them up on MySpace and listen. The mix was rather nice nothing came out too loud, nice balance, clear sounds from the guitars when they had to scream, yes they had all grounds covered.

At first it looked like these guys were not too enthusiastic but once the music started all sorts of rock moves jumped straight off the stage. This band really wanted to give you this rock concert feeling. All dressed casual, yet with a indie kind of style, they made a spectacle on the small stage. Maybe it was a bit too much for ost of the people in the audience because there wasn't too much feedback during most of the show. That's something a support has to live with, but it was good to see they never quit trying. Unfortunately the lights on stage were very dimm, yes that looks really 'I don't give a fuck' but when you try to grab your audience having tem see you can be a good help. Next time maybe a little less power and enthusiasm on such a small stage, or better find a bigger one. They can handle it!

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 6
Total: 8

Keith Caputo

Imagine you are the singer of a rather well-known band called Life of Agony, but somehow you feel like you need to make songs that don't fit in there. Well just start a solo project, like so many others do. But this is not, unlike many others, a soft piece of singer songwriter music, this is Keith Caputo: welcome to the world of his thoughts. Kieth has released a few solo albums with 'Hearts Blood on your Dawn' being the latest one. Check it out quickly because Keith has already recorded a new one which will be released later this year, all exclusively available through his website.

It's hard to describe the feeling Keith evokes in you, this man who has been singing agressively in Life of Agony and recently in Within Temptation's 'What have you Done' has a very soft and fragile side too. Keith has a great voice, not just for the heavy bits in his music but the extremely beautiful 'Mother' just is a song you need to keep listeing too. So emotional, from the bottom of his heart of even lower, he manages to grab your throat and just doesn't let go. The setlist had a lot of songs from his latest album but also included a Life of Agony song which was a great addition to the set. From 'Soul Searching Sun' he took 'Angry Tree' and put even more feeling into it, and the audience loved it. On stage he's accompanied by a bunch of Dutch guys, guys that also play on his album, ordinary guys who however know how to bring the music to live the way it fits Keiths voice perfectly. Eventhough a messed up guitar amplifier socket gave some problems, which will most people have forgotten by now until ready this review. Sometimes it felt like Keith wasn't loud enough in the mix, maybe that's because we all just love to hear his voice, but otherwise it was a piece of brilliant music.

Everybody who has ever seen a live of Agony concert knows Keith is just a short guy with one hell of a voice. And those people can't have missed the vivid expression of his body, he just moves to the music, almost looses himself in it, but never yet he never lost touch with his precious audience. His facial expressions show he is sincere about his emotions and it just adds to the whole atmosphere. A stage full of flowers, Mr. Caputo slow;y getting rid of more and more clothes during the concert and in the end a great finale where Keith joined the audience while the band played on. Especially 'Livin the Blues' was a memorable monent where he got most of the people singing along, a moment of unity in the venue that must have gotten many shivers down their spine. At the end of the concert Keith expressed how happy he was they all turned up, but there probably wasn't anybody who would have wanted to miss this show after they knew what it was like. The lights seem to be a problem that can't be solved, but even with more light it would have been just as intimate and people in the back might have seen more of the expressions. With music this good the lights can shine a bit brighter... shine your light on Keith, shine your light on Keith, he deserves it!

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 10

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