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Title: For Better or for Worse
Artist: The Glass Spider
Genre: Gothic Punk, Industrial, Dark Wave
Release Date: 5th October 2009
Label: afmusic

Album Review

THE GLASS SPIDER is not actually a band but a one-man project, started its penetration into the sphere of music in 2007. Its genre is claimed to be some mixture of elements from gothic, industrial and even punk rock. During almost two years of the creative activity, Daniel, the heart and the soul of the project, recorded three albums, including the new EP ‘For Better of for Worse’, released on October, 5. Such fruitfulness has both its advantages and disadvantages: the musician gets an opportunity to experiment with the sounds, assessing the results and searching for new ways of self-expression, but on the other hand, the most part of the material recorded is still raw and not very original as it can be noticed on the new CD.

First of all, I should admit that ‘For Better of for Worse’ is definitely different from Daniel’s previous work. If ‘Resistance’ is close to punk, the new album is an example of industrial, but mere industrial without any significant inclusions of gothic or Dark Wave. The music itself is not bad, but boring. The first four tracks sound like a very long single composition - let your concentration wander a bit, and it will be impossible to notice when there ends one song and starts another. The melodies are rather flat and not very interesting. It feels like almost the whole album was written in one key, yet the last piece ‘Kaukas’ stands out of the scheme at least at the very beginning. But the song is too long and later on you realize that it’s not so much different from the other tracks on the album.

To sum it up, I may say that ‘For Better or for Worse’ is neither good nor too bad yet the absence of depth is an essential shortcoming. So it’s just an album for listening without any particular purpose.


01. The Entering Code - 4:04
02. Mythomania Gun - 2:42
03. Smiling Til You Die - 2:05
04. Music Interlude - 2:58
05. I Regret - 3:48
06. Thats What We Have Done - 3:21
07. Speak & Spell - 3:43
08. Kaukas (Der Gottlose Berg) - 9:17


Daniel - Vocals, Music

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Music: 4
Sound: 4
Extras: -
Total: 4 / 10


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