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LKA, Stuttgart, Germany
March 31st 2006
End of Green, Undertow, Koroded

This Friday night the ‘Silverdust Label’ had invited to the presentation of the new albums of their protégées ‘End of Green’, ‘Undertow’ and ‘Koroded’. The event took place within a concert series presented by ‘Silverdust’ together with and, aiming to put promising bands from the underground on stage together with scene top acts.

When I arrived at the venue, which was about half an hour before the LKA opened its doors, about one hundred people, mostly in the twenties and younger, had gathered in front of the building. When admitted, some girls immediately occupied the places in front of the stage (and remained there patiently until the lights were turned out a few hours later), while the rest of the visitors dispersed over the location.


Founded in 1998, Koroded from Aachen (Germany) recorded their first EP ‘Downsteam Voyage’ about a year later, which appeared via ‘Acrid Pop Records’. Five years and some touring (as support of ‘Crowbar’, ‘Ektomorf’ and ‘Downset’ to name but a few) later, they were signed by ‘Silverdust’ in 2004. This evening they presented their new album ‘To Have and To Unhold’. Band line-up: Jan Röder – vocals, Andreas Leifeld – guitars, Frank Fleckenstein – guitars, Ben Overmann – drums and Falko (The Riots) – bass.

Koroded sovereignly performed their mixture of metal and hardcore. Sometimes melodic, but rather conventional in parts, they do not manage to absorb my entire attention.

In contrary to that, their performance was really enthusiastic and it was fun to watch Jan (Röder, the vocalist) whirling over the stage floor and trying to get in contact with the few people crowded in front of him. He talked a lot to the audience, tried to get some more people on their feet and in front of the stage, unfortunately with moderate success. Several times he also announced their friends and label mates from ‘Undertow’ and ‘End of Green’. 

Music 6
Performance 7
Sound 7
Light 7
Total 7 (6.6)


‘Undertow’ was founded in 1993 by four guys from Ellwangen (Germany) - Joachim Baschin, Thomas Jentsch, guitarist Michael Restle and Christoph Eberhard at the drums. Soon they performed live on stage and recorded a first demo. In 1997 they finished their first album "Slope", still without contract. But this one made the label Sub Zero listen attentively and they got signed. During the last years they published three more studio albums, toured quite a lot (among others with ‘Farmer Boys’, ‘Crowbar’ and ‘Eye Hate God’) and changeed their line-up as well as their record label. Their new and fifth album is called ‘Milgram# and appeared via ‘Silverdust Records’. Line-up: Joachim Baschin - vocals/guitars, Thomas Jentsch – bass and Rainer Pflanz – drums.

"Undertow do metal", as can be read on the band's website, "…aggressive guitar music, without cliches, straight and full of energy" - quite a good description. They mainly played songs from the new album, with few exceptions like the title track from their last record, ‘3 4 CE’.

The stage show was rather static, Joachim (Baschin, the vocalist) seemed to be spiked behind his microphone. Nevertheless, I liked their clear, stirring sound and enjoyed listening. Bit by bit the place in front of the stage filled with listeners.    

01. Intro
02. Stomping Out Ignorance
03. Hateriot
04. Missing Link
05. Homemade Funeral
06. Squid
07. D-Mood
08. Crawler
09. 34CE

Music 7
Performance 6
Sound 8
Light 5
Total 7 (6.55)

End of Green

‘Dead End Dreaming’ is the title of End of Green's latest record - their third album released by ‘Silverdust’. The band from Stuttgart (Germany) was founded in 1992 by Michael Huber (voc/g), Oliver Merkle (g), Rainer Hampel (b) and Matthias Siffermann (dr). They finished their first album in 1996 – ‘Infinity’ (Nuclear Blast). Their next long-player ‘Believe My Friend’ appeared via ‘Subzero Records’. In the following time they completed their line-up with Michael Setzer (g) and did a lot of touring, among others with ‘Paradise Lost’, ‘Sentenced’ and ‘Iggy Pop’. Line-up: Michelle Darkness (Michael Huber) – vocals/guitars, Kirk Kerker (Oliver Merkle) – guitars, Sad Sir (Michael Setzer) – guitars, Rainier Sicone di Hampez (Rainer Hampel) – bass and
Cardinal Mazinger (Matthias Siffermann) – drums.

The music of this band can be best described as a mixture of gothic rock and metal, and the influences of this genre's vanguards are clearly audible. They seem to have quite a few fans here in Stuttgart since the LKA had become really crowded in the meantime. Apart from some minor problems at the beginning of their show and a broken microphone somewhere in the middle of their set the sound was good, and they managed to entertain the audience really well.

In front of the stage some started jumping around wildly and even some crowd-surfers hat to be hindered from entering the stage. As could be expected, they played nearly the entire new album, but also some songs from the last two releases, like ‘Godsick’ and ‘Tormented Sundown’. I liked some of the songs from their latest album, so I enjoyed the show, and there were really enthralling moments. Generally spoken, the fans seemed to be satisfied, when after three extra songs the guys left the stage.          
01. Speed My Drug
02. No Coming Home
03. Cure My Pain
04. Motor
05. Evergreen
06. Tormented Sundown
07. Tragedy Insane
08. Dead End Hero
09. Sad Song
10. Sick One
11. She's Wild
12. Everywhere
13. Drink Myself To Sleep
14. Death In Veins
15. Godsick
16. Demons
17. All About Nothing

Music 8
Performance 7
Sound 8
Light 8
Total 8 (7.7)


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