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Backstage Club, Munich, Germany
9th May 2009
End of Green, From Constant Visions

With their sixth and most successful studio album up to now, the Dark Rock Band END OF GREEN was back in August, 2008. Now they introduced their work to the audience also on 9th May 2009 in Munich's Backstage Club. They were accompanied by FROM CONSTANT VISIONS.

From Constant Visions

The quintet FROM CONSTANT VISIONS was founded in 2005 in Munich. In 2006, the Emo-Core Band published the EP ‘Crying is an Art, Everybody Knows’ and plans the publication of a new album for September 2009.

Music & Performance
At this really hot day all three Locations of the Backstage were booked: FIDDLER’S GREEN, LES BABACOOLS and END OF GREEN! However, END OF GREEN and support were unlucky to have to perform in the small club what was really no pleasure on this day! FCV consisting of singer Alex Chris (guitar), Amon (guitar), Michael (bass) and Benni (drums) had in spite of the biggest strains at the beginning problems to win the audience - bathed in sweat by now.

It was simply too narrow, too hot and too musty in the club, this is why some visitors preferred to stay rather still outdoors instead of listening to the support. The stage was almost too small for five musicians and the lighting was no real one! In spite of all adversities FCV offered a great sounding rock programme with old pieces, but already songs of their new, not yet published album. Singer Alex could win the crowd, nevertheless, still for himself in the course of the concert and took everything with humour.

01. Canada in Bleeding
02. Killers on Abbeyroad
03. Moetallica
04. Sharp for Five Knives
05. A Mosaic Built Of Hidden Lies
06. Vollfeuer
07. New Breed
08. Phantoms
09. Could It Be You
10. Metalsnake Cobra
11. Warning
12. Burning Images Blowing Scenes
13. Hello End
14. Corridors
15. Saddest Hour

Music: 6
Performance: 6
Sound: 7
Light: 2
Total: 5.6 / 10

End of Green

The band END OF GREEN founded 1992 in Stuttgart and consists of singer Michelle Darkness, Kirk Kirker, Lusiffer, Rainier Sircone di Hampez and Sad Sir. They were known by appearances with IN EXTREMO, IGGY POP as well as PARADISE LOST and managed the entrance into the charts with the album ‘Dead End Dreaming’.

Music & Performance
It did not go much differently during the END OF GREEN show than it was during FCV: In the meantime, outdoors a storm raved and in the nearly already congested club sauna-feeling ruled! The band also took it with humour, although the towel- and liquid-need of the band was huge. The gathered fans were in spite of all thanks to the diverse presentation in a splendid mood. END OF GREEN played dynamic, propelling songs like ‘Demons’ and ‘Sick One’, then for "cooling down" there were also songs like ‘Bury Me Down’. At the end they could leave the snug-small stage not without additions which they probably gave below expenditure of their last excess powers, but with pleasure.

They said goodbye with the words: "Up to the next spot! Then, however, hopefully in winter..." And thus ended an evening which might remain to most listeners always in recollection.

01. Motor
02. Dead City Lights
03. Evergreen
04. Killhoney
05. Weakness
06. Die Lover Die
07. Let Sleeping Gods Lie
08. Dying In Moments
09. Demons
10. Tragedy Insane
11. Highway 69
12. Sick One
13. She's Wild
14. Everywhere
15. These Roads
16. Bury Me Down
17. Drink Myself to Sleep
18. Pain Hates Me
19. Hurter
20. Death in Veins

Music: 7
Performance: 7
Sound: 8
Light: 2
Total: 6.4 / 10

All pictures by Erika Knepper (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,


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