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Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg, Germany
24th May 2009
Biohazard & Written

"I hate the idea of music being labelled: Hiphop, Metal, Rap, Hardcore... who cares?" This sentence is a quote by the BIOHAZARD front man Evan Seinfeld and it hits the mark concerning the band’s attitude, as its style contains Heavy Metal and Hardcore influences as well as Rap elements. Founded in 1988 in the New York borough Brooklyn, the formation became famous all over the world when it released the second long-player `Urban Discipline´ in 1992.

After ten successful albums, world tours with artists such as MACHINE HEAD, NAPALM DEATH or SEPULTURA and collaborations with SLIPKNOT and PANTERA, Evan Seinfeld (vocals, bass), Billy Graziadei (vocals, guitar), Danny Schuler (drums) and Bobby Hambel (guitar) announced to go separate ways in 2005. Three years later, the four band members changed their minds and started to prepare the “20th Anniversary Reunion Tour” that led them to Aschaffenburg on 24th May 2009. / /

As I knew about the guys´ legendary reputation being able to set every stage on fire they play on, I was very interested in attending this concert. Thus, I went to the Colos-Saal on a sweltering and early summer-like evening. Due to the weather, the atmosphere in front of the venue was very relaxed. Just in time and as usual, the admission was proceeded by the friendly staff at 7pm. When I entered the air-conditioned hall, I noticed several small groups gathering at the bar and the merchandise stand. There wasn’t an opulent stage design, but some guitars, two drum sets and microphones - no backdrop referring to BIOHAZARD and to the support act WRITTEN.


The young Bavarian Hardcore band WRITTEN was scheduled to perform at 8pm. Benny (guitar), Johnny (vocals), Yannik (guitar), Tommy (drums) and Nippler (bass) are avowed fans of BIOHAZARD and also name their idol on their MySpace profile. According to the self description, WRITTEN’s music is influenced by artists such as BIOHAZARD, NO WARNING and CRO MAGS. When the guys started their show, the hall wasn’t filled up. Fortunately, that situation didn’t seem to bother them and they offered a sweaty performance.

Music & Performance
The local band WRITTEN characterizes itself as young, wild and angry. In my opinion, it’s an appropriate image as the guys left no doubt about being a good support act. Stylistically similar to BIOHAZARD, Johnny and his colleagues totally exhausted themselves while they were shouting their short and aggressive pieces such as `I don’t care´, `Choices´, `Memories´ or `It’s cold´. The small audience enjoyed the show as the present people jumped up and down while WRITTEN was going wild on stage. The front man explained how great it would be to support BIOHAZARD, as he has been a fan for years. It was obvious that WRITTEN was proud and excited about that chance, as the guys put their whole heart and energy into the respectable 30 minutes set.

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 6
Total: 7.3 / 10


While WRITTEN was playing, more and more guests arrived. Thus, the Colos-Saal was much better filled when it was time for the awaited Hardcore heroes. Anyhow, there was enough space for those who wanted to party and to pogo. It was remarkable that BIOHAZARD attracts a pretty young following considering the fact that the band has been existing since 1988. After WRITTEN had removed its instruments and the crew had arranged everything for the upcoming concert, the lights went off at about 9pm. An acoustic guitar intro culminating in a dark crescendo signalized the arrival of BIOHAZARD.

Music & Performance
The tattooed musicians around the brawny Evan Seinfeld gathered on stage and didn’t vacillate: Their first song was the blast `Urban Discipline´ and instantly caused a fascinating spectacle. Though I had already seen a more numerous audience in the venue, I had seldom watched such a great interaction between band and crowd. BIOHAZARD seems to be a very down to earth, authentic formation that encouraged its fans to act out their feelings. Seinfeld, who was kind of the band’s spokesman, even invited the front rows to join him on stage. Henceforward, some fans climbed the stage and took the chance to shout and jump along with their idols.

The pretty short setlist contained several milestones of the BIOHAZARD career. Therefore, the crowd was pleased by pieces such as `Shades of Grey´, `Down for Life´ or `Wrong Side of the Tracks´. I have to admit that I don’t listen to stuff like that in my everyday life, but the brute and aggressive sounds are ideally suited for letting loose. The lyrics are as rough as the melodies and always garnished with phrases such as “motherfuckers” (which was also the most used expression to cheer the crowd). The lines often deal with violence, interpersonal conflicts and the hard life on the New York streets. Before BIOHAZARD performed `Five Blocks to the Subway´, Seinfeld dedicated the song to Bobby Hambel’s father who recently passed away.

Over and over again, the front man was heating up the following. For example, he ordered them to form a circle and to go wild inside of it. Nevertheless, Seinfeld asked for being considerate and to look after each other. Tough, but fair! There were two very young boys among the guests who caught the singer’s attention. Thus, he ordered them to come to him and to jump with him on stage. Of course, the kids needn’t to be told twice. The concert was virgin territory for me and I experienced it as an interesting event. Coming up with an energetic and brute performance, the authentic band was able to convince everyone including me.

01. Urban Discipline
02. Shades of Grey
03. What makes you tick
04. Wrong Side of the Track
05. Black and White and Red all over
06. Down for Life
07. Survival of the Fittest
08. Love denied
09. Scarred for Life
10. Five Blocks to the Subway
11. Bad Reputation
12. How it is
13. Punishment
14. Hold my Own

Music: 7
Performance: 10
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 8.1 / 10

All pictures by Katrin Renner (


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