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Hot Topic, Burbank, CA, USA
28th May 2009
Daybreak Ends

When it’s time for the day to come to end do you ever sit back and wonder what would happen if the day had the mind of its own? Sounds to me like this day is turning out to become a Daybreak Ends, which is also the band’s name that tends to suit them quite well.

Music & Performance
Making their name known around the county and around the world little by little they took their music to a lower level going acoustic playing a mini set at the local Hot Topic where their drummer also works. Full filling their musical mission of being musicians and getting not only their music heard but their name as well. Their set list consisted of three tunes two of the three coming off their LP ‘Perfect Tragedy’, and having them play the first two tracks off it acoustically made their music sound totally different. Breaking away from that raw in your face energy that is presented on their LP and latest EP ‘The Self Unseen’ and going the mellow route is a total Rock’n’Roll. The band’s vocalist Greg mentioned during the set "acoustic is not our style" while his fellow band mates laughed. Overall it was a good small show and the real adrenaline rush plans to progress during their live shows while they're out on the road.

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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