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Title: Black Friday
Artist: Faderhead
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 8th October 2010
Label: L-Tracks Records

Album Review

A while ago I’d have placed a bet on the next FADERHEAD album’s title being ‘FH4’ Somehow it was clear it wouldn’t happen this time. Artists tend to change things when you least expect it and so FADERHEAD’s new album carries the title ‘Black Friday’, supposedly referencing any day when the 13th day of the month is a Friday, where superstitious believe bad things to happen. Could be completely wrong but it’s an idea. The album starts with the short-lived ‘Obnoxiated’, a slow, industrial introduction with a somewhat grainy metallic rhythm base and a repetitive lyric line. That of course could just be a lead-in and the first proper club filler follows right up with ‘Escape From The Machine’, founding on a decaying, distorted beat and when played live the beats will be cracking the floor. The contrasts of the distorted screaming and the immediately following, serene chorus might seem harsh at first, but makes for a great twist in the song. ‘Hot Bath And A Cold Razor’ gives us the first ballad-like track of the album, but it’s a rather sad and haunting track, bringing you down from the adrenaline-charged state you were in before towards the brink.

‘Destroy Improve Rebuild’ has been played a live a couple of times already and passed the test. Instantly when you hear that introducing synth lines you want to move whatever you’re doing at the time. At least I’m always having that urge. With all the dancing, people tend to not give too much attention to the lyrics; don’t get the irony FADERHEAD’s often putting in. A pity actually; should be done by many more. Back to the music with ‘Aim To Misbehave’ which is not exactly something, wildly dancing to will be your first thought but doing it nodding-style is appropriate I think. With the next one ‘Pussy Rules’ we’re getting shown who’s really having the balls, figuratively speaking of course, wrapped in a disco-flavoured composition. That’s before we’re shown ‘The Way To Fuck God’. ‘Corpus Crisis’ is a compact, intriguing cut with only hard-edged sounds and a latent sense of rage breaking through the layers time and again. The album’s wrapped up by a track that would’ve suited the ‘Horizon Born’ EP much better in terms of moods, but it’s perfect to give it an unexpected ending, and a really beautiful one at that.

On one hand ‘Black Friday’ contains just what we love from FADERHEAD with the quality club filers you find here in abundance. Being not a natural old-school conservationist, he’s always adding something unheard from him before. So the album’s got an increased level of harshness and edgy sounds to it you didn’t find in that concentration on any of the previous albums. Has more of an industrial tinge and I love that.


01. Obnoxiated - 2:09
02. Escape From the Machine - 4:43
03. Hot Bath and a Cold Razor - 3:41
04. The Moth and the Fire - 3:59
05. Baby Firefly - 3:34
06. Destroy Improve Rebuild - 4:28
07. Aim to Misbehave - 2:32
08. Pussy Rules - 3:24
09. The Way to Fuck God - 4:10
10. Beautiful Freak - 3:39
11. The Bitch I Love to  Hate - 2:38
12. Do You Know Who I Think I Am - 3:17
13. Scumfucker - 4:29
14. Corpus Crisis - 2:47
15. Crashkid - 4:49
16. Regaining Unconsciousness - 1:36


Faderhead - Songwriting, Production, Vocals

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Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10


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