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faderhead atomsandemptiness
Artist: Faderhead
Title: Atoms & Emptiness
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 7th February 2014
Label: L-Tracks Records

Album Review

It certainly is no secret to most musicians and artists that the painful things happening in your life are those to unleash the most creative energy, and so it happens that barely a year after FH4, FADERHEAD has completed 'Atoms & Emptiness', which by its simplistic yet artful front gives you a first hint at the theme permeating the album. It really does make more sense if you've listened the album front to back at least once to actually “get” it. The album is opened in style with one of those classic FADERHEAD club smashers  throwing its energy straight in your face before the wheel is turning with ‘Every Hour Kills', a collaboration with Daniel Myer turning out as a streamlined, organic production that almost got me throwing something at my speakers to stop me from hearing the same lines over and over again. Lucky, the song flips a switch just as I was about to do so for a poppy chorus. 'Champagne and Real Pain' twists the BPM knob down for a moderate tempo but instead exhibits a somewhat bipolar nature in constantly alternating episodes of utter devastation and wrath

As of this point the album's underlying motif should've gotten pretty much clear. What's striking at this point is the graveness of the lyrics. When you've seen at least one of the trademark nonsense tracks whose simple justification on a record is for fun, everything's just getting darker from here on in when the silence falls when two people's lives are about to be heading into different directions, it seems “Is this how the world ends / will we just be strangers again?” I know, you probably started wondering if this is going to go on like this forever. The answer is pretty much a big “YES”. The packaging varies like the following 'When The Freaks Come Out' build specially for forcing the sweat out of your pores while you're being commanded to raid the dance floor. The last three bits on the album remain inside the down-tempo realm altogether. But while 'Through This Pain(You Heal)' and 'Anti-Paradise retain an atmosphere of digital rust and an ominous undertone of emotional decay, 'My Heart Is Safe' is what's representing the final stage of getting over what was, and embrace what is yet to come and makes life worth living again

Well, I admit that I was really very sceptical after reading the promo text because those have a habit of trying to oversell a record, just by using any superlatives that couldn't get out of the way fast enough. It's actually not that bad this time around. The impact of 'Atoms & Emptiness' won't be that which has been caused by using as much BPM as possible and the deepest kick-bass possible. It will come from the honesty that speaks from it and to which people can relate.


01. Stand Up
02. Every Hour Kills
03. Champagne & Real Pain
04. Atoms & Emptiness
05. When The Freaks Come Out
06. Someone Else's Dream
07. I Forget
08. You Can't Resist
09. Through This Pain (You Heal)
10. Anti-Paradise
11. My Heart Is Safe



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faderhead atomsandemptiness


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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