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solarfake6 isabellehannemannMatrix, Bochum, Germany
4th March 2017
Solar Fake - Acoustic Show “Sedated Tour 2017”

Actually the concert of the ‘Sedated’ tour should have taken place at the Christuskirche Bochum but for some reasons the venue had to be changed on short notice and therefor the band performed in the Matrix Bochum. As a bonus for the inconvenience the band offered an extended meet and greet before the show. The tour is called ‘Sedated’ because the songs are performed acoustically. Therefor I regretted it at first that the show was shifted from the Christuskirche to the Matrix because of the acoustic condition of the venue. But to my great relief I found out that the Matrix has made some structural changes to improve the sound.

solarfake1 danielkraskisolarfake4 danielkraski

In 2007 Sven Friedrich, also known by his projects DREADFUL SHADOWS and ZERAPHINE, founded this Dark Electro Pop project. Until 2014 Frank Arnold was on board for live shows at the keyboard but because of personal reasons he left SOLAR FAKE and was then replaced by André Feller, a former guitarist of DREADFUL SHADOWS. Already its second album, ‘Frontiers’, caught great attention with songs being played at the alternative Clubs and even stayed the maximum possible time in the German Alternative Charts (DAC). Festival appearances, sold out shows and tours worldwide followed. The band has been also supporting act for VNV NATION, PETER HEPPNER, PROJECT PITCHFORK, COVENANT to name just a few. Four albums have been released up to now. / 

solarfake14 isabellehannemann

Music & Performance
There are musicians who have many projects and one is worse than the other and then there are the exceptional musicians who really have a talent to make every project outstanding. One of the latter is Sven Friedrich who has the magic touch to create wonderful songs for his diverse projects of different musical genres. And the icing of the cake is his voice. I already had the chance last year to see SOLAR FAKE at the Gothic Meets Classic event with the Symphony Orchestra Zielona Gora. Apart from André at the acoustic guitar, Sven had Norman Selbig (ZERAPHINE) at the acoustic guitar, Dirk Riegner (CALEIDOSKOP, SCHATTENHERZ) at the piano keyboard, Benni Cellini (LETZTE INSTANZ) at the cello and M. Stolz (LETZTE INSTANZ) at the violin as reinforcement on board. So on this evening with this formation it was a kind of chamber orchestra. The audience was quite mixed and I even spotted some kids. Probably their parents are long-time fans. Experiencing the songs that are mainly for the dance floors in an acoustic garment gave them a more intense feeling. But if you think the evening was too grave you are wrong because Sven, as always in a good mood, had some funny stories to tell in between the songs.

solarfake12 isabellehannemann

Nevertheless I found the audience a bit restrained though it rewarded each song with a great applause. Of course we didn’t have to miss some cover versions which is a special skill of Sven Friedrich to make them sound amazing. And even though he made a mistake with the lyrics at the first refrain of ‘Meine Welt’ it was more of a funny situation. The concert itself was cut in half with a break of 10 minutes. The second half started where only Sven and Dirk returned on stage and performed a song of Dirk Riegner, which they sang as a duet before the rest of the live band returned. More SOLAR FAKE songs followed before another cover song was performed. This time it was a HURTS song. Most remarkable was that Dirk at the piano keyboard wove in an interlude of ‘Nowhere girl’ from B MOVIE in his playing. After two more songs the main set ended but of course the audience demanded more and got two encores. The cover version at the first encore was jokingly announced to be a song of a popular Irish Folk band which turned out to be a song of VNV NATION. And then an excellent concert evening ended.

solarfake13 isabellehannemann

01. Not what I wanted
02. Under control
03. Reset to default
04. Precious (DEPECHE MODE cover)
05. All the things you say
06. I hate you more than my life
07. Kein zurück (WOLFSHEIM cover)
08. Meine Welt (PETER HEPPNER cover)
09. Where are you
10. Stay
11. How sweet the pain can be (Dirk Riegner)
12. Hiding memories from the sun
13. I don’t want you in here
14. Until it’s over
15. Sunday (HURTS cover)
16. The race of the rats
17. The pages
18. Under the skies
19. Illusion (VNV NATION cover)
20. Here I stand
21. Your hell is here
22. Pain goes by

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 8
Total: 8.8 / 10

solarfake8 isabellehannemann

Pictures of the meet & greet by Daniel Kraski, live pictures from the Hanover show by Isabelle Hannemann

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