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germanpanzer sendthemalltohell
Artist: (The German) Panzer
Title: Send Them All To Hell
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 16th January 2015
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Album Review

THE GERMAN PANZER consists of DESTRUCTION`s Schmier (vocals), ACCEPT`s Hermann Frank (guitars) and ACCEPT`s Stefan Schwarzmann (drums), this unholy trinity originally came to be in order to kill time when the bands had off time between tour and recordings. The whole thing was the result of Schwarzmann chatting with Swiss club Z7`s owner Norbert Mandel, the two of them had the idea of bringing a heavy metal band together a three piece and very soon THE GERMAN PANZER took shape.

To describe what happens on this fine little piece of music is a bit difficult... imagine ACCEPT and DESTRUCTION colliding, exploding and melting to form some kind of hard rock/ heavy/ thrash metal alloy. Hard but flexible a hybrid between noisy thrash and straight forward rock. This band could be a gateway drug for the current generation of would be head bangers its melodic and straight enough to appeal to the ears of someone who is not yet a metal fan and it is hard enough for head bangers to enjoy it too.

Schwarzmann`s drums are the steering wheel, Franks`s guitar gives form to the monster and Schmier`s vocals are the hellfire this juggernaut emits to destroy. The tracks I recommend the most after a few listening are: ‘Death Knell’ and ‘Panzer’. Give these guys an hour of your time cause this band is truly a PANZER...


01. Death Knell - 4:57
02. Hail And Kill - 3:55
03. Temple Of Doom - 4:00
04. Panzer - 5:06
05. Freakshow - 4:50
06. Mr. Nobrain - 4:45
07. Why - 6:09
08. Virtual Collision - 4:43
09. Roll The Dice - 5:47
10. Bleed For Your Sins - 5:20


Schmier - Vocals & Bass
Herman Frank - Guitars
Stefan Schwarzmann - Drums

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germanpanzer sendthemalltohell


Music: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10


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