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stahlmann co2
Artist: Stahlmann
Title: CO2
Genre: Gothic / Electro Rock / NDH
Release Date: 28th August 2015
Label: AFM Records

Album Review

German Rock band STAHLMANN is relatively young but already has a pretty big fan-base all over the world. NDH tag can be definitely thrown away because the band doesn’t seem to follow the path outlined with the debut album. The musicians make their unique way developing the style which previously seemed to be rather amorphous, adding more peculiarities like “chemical” titles of the records, tougher and darker sound. Although the new creation ‘CO2’ is not that much dark and of course not suffocative, but heavy and densely balanced. The tempo is close to death metal, while riffs to classic rock ones and the voice, hoarse and aloof is also one of the instruments that doesn’t contrast the whole canvas but harmoniously complements it.

The quantity of tracks does not exceed the norm, only 10 but compositionally they are more complicated and elaborate that’s why it may take some time to fully appreciate the album, on which every song deserves an attention. Perhaps the atmosphere itself is somewhat oppressive. Obviously Mart brought the influence of his side project, dwelling almost on the border of gothic doom. Listeners could check out the single ‘Plasma’ long before the release of the full-length album and get an idea of what to expect. My favourite song is ‘Sadist’ reminding ‘Ruf mich an’ by MEGAHERZ but the latter is funnier. Of course, the album includes a ballad, maybe not so distinct, but good enough for a general mid-tempo work. Yet most of the compositions are rather energetic.

So the result is predictable: STAHLMANN matures, records improve more and more, the style intensifies, a creative crisis doesn’t disturb. I guess, ‘CO2’ will please not only fans of the band, but all fans of the genre.


01. Feindflug – 3:31
02. Plasma – 3:40
03. Deutschland tanzt – 3:16
04. Die Klinge – 4:57
05. Sadist – 3:57
06. Friss mich – 3:01
07. Spiegelbild – 4:37
08. Wenn Engel tanzen – 3:15
09. Der letzte Tag – 4:14
10. Nimm meine Hand – 4:00


Mart – Vocals, Programming
Ablaz – Bass
Frank – Guitar
Max – Drums

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stahlmann co2


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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