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stahlmann quecksilber
Artist: Stahlmann
Title: Quecksilber
Genre: NDH (Neue Deutsche Härte)
Release Date: 20th January 2012
Label: AFM Records

Album Review

Do you know anybody who collects old cars? I know. It is a very special hobby. Those people deserve a lot of respect. They spend their time saving old things, which almost nobody needs, but still have a lot of interest for it. What could be the main problem having this hobby? Since the old cars all the time need to be repaired, but it is very difficult to find details, which would fit… STAHLMANN is a very good band, which makes high class music. Moreover, they make it with lot of pleasure and love. And the release of the second album can prove it. But working in genre of NDH, even if they do it brilliant, they will always stay kind of weirdos.

This feeling was there as EISBRECHER appeared. Although it was not really long ago as NDH was a popular trend, but it was already lack of bands, who would dare to play that kind of music. EISBRECHER was like a sip of fresh water. With their debut, STAHLMANN did almost the same thing. But release of an NDH album last year could call not only for satisfaction, but also nostalgia, a smile of remembering old times. It was a wonder, that there is a band, which starting their way in 10s and wants to play music, which was popular 20 years ago and not a trend anymore. In any way it was a very nice album.

The second album of STAHLMANN is great from the first till the last accord, even better than their debut. Guitars are deeper, the sound is richer, melodies are more original, lyrics are more interesting comparing to the first album, and vocals are as great as they were. Listening to this album, listeners loving NDH things would feel nothing but pleasure. The only question stays open: How come a modern band still plays this old kind of music? Where were they when this music was popular? So without any modern support STAHLMANN collects their new old cars from the details which were already used once by somebody else.


01. Engel Der Dunkelheit
02. Spring Nicht
03. Tanzmaschine
04. Asche
05. Mein Leib
06. Am Grunde
07. Götter
08. Schmerz
09. Diener
10. Tanzmaschiene (Club Remix)


Mart - Vocals, Programming
Tobi - Guitar, Programming


Cover Picture

stahlmann quecksilber


Music: 8
Sound: 10
Total: 9 / 10

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