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stahlmann02Logo, Hamburg, Germany
18th October 2014
Stahlmann, Mundtot

Accidentally I found myself in Hamburg and after a prolonged sightseeing I just couldn’t miss a chance to visit a good concert especially accompanied by a good friend. That day in the Logo club there was a concert of STAHLMANN with MUNDTOT as a support act. We came right to the beginning when the latter were already onstage ready to rock.


This German rock band from Munich already proved itself to be rather promising with the release of the debut album ‘Spätsommer’. The latest creation entitled ‘Schatten’ which came out this year even better demonstrates the band’s potential and helps MUNDTOT to gain more and more new fans. MUNDTOT is Tino (vocals), Andi (guitar, backing vocals), Cesco (synths) and Flo (drums). /

Music & Performance
I’ve already seen the band paying live but at an open air so that time in a club the whole atmosphere was different and definitely the set produced a different impression. I would even say the songs roused a more emotional feedback of the audience than it was at the festival that also can be regarded at an advantage. The setlist consisted of the songs from the both albums and started with rather powerful and energetic ‘Nacht’ which sounded even more powerful performed live.


The sonic attack went on with the other songs till the first sounds of ‘Schwarz/ Weiß’ that managed to add a note of melancholy. Among my personal highlights there were definitely ‘Zweites Gesicht’, ‘Einsamkeit und Zweifel’ and finally the presence of the pineapple. The lead singer also talked to the audience, of course in German so I guess there’s no need to go into details. In general, MUNDTOT got a warm welcome but the gig itself seemed to be too short. The band left the stage with the sense of having fulfilled their duty and after a quick change over there came time for STAHLMANN.

01. Nacht
02. Schönster Traum
03. Lebensleid
04. Endzeit
05. Schwarz /Weiß
06. Zweites Gesicht
07. Virus Mensch
08. Einsamkeit und Zweifel

Music: 10
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 8
Total: 9 / 10



Actually this band is well-known enough among all lovers of NDH, so just a couple of words in case you still haven’t heard about it. By now, STAHLMANN has released three full-length albums, the latest one entitled ‘Adamant’ but even the debut self-titled work was quite successful. The musicians also played numerous concerts, in Russia as well yet that was for first time when I saw their live performance. STAHLMANN is Martin Soer (vocals), Neill Freiwald (guitar), Ablaz (bass) and Niklas Kahl (drums). /


Music & Performance
Thus when the long-awaited “men of steel” appeared on the stage and started playing ‘Willkommen’, the first song of the evening. The crowd was instantly overwhelmed by the energy of the music and I doubt there were people who could stand still. But that was only the beginning. Actually the band’s concert turned out to be no less than a well-thought and well-performed show with even some steam-punk elements, a lot of silver paint and an inimitable atmosphere so in such an application every song sounded peculiar and allowed the audience escape from the reality at least for several minutes. The setlist consisted of the songs from all three albums so if by any chance someone listened to STAHLMANN for the first time, it might become a good introduction to the band’s music, which is just meant to be played live with all those catchy refrains, strong riffs, relentless rhythm and contact with the crowd.


Among the songs I’d like to mark ‘Herzschlag’, ‘Teufel’, definitely ‘Tanzmachine’ and of course a great drum solo however the other pieces were also cool enough. The gig was comparably long, at least there time to perform all the well-known and new tracks yet for the fans it must seem way too short and they wanted more and more. Yet finally the show came to an end but I guess many people will remember it for long or till the next concert or the release of a new album.

01. Willkommen
02. Adrenalin
03. Stahlmann
04. Am Grunde
05. Hass mich… lieb mich
06. Herzschlag
07. Der Schmied
08. Teufel
09. Stahlwittchen
10. Auf Feindflug
11. Süchtig
12. Marschieren
13. Spring nicht
14. Engel der Dunkelheit
15. Schwarz
16. Tanzmaschine
17. Spiegelbild
18. Traumfrau
19. Asche

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 10
Light: 9
Total: 9.8 / 10


All pictures by Jacqueline Flügel (

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