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introOpera Concert Club, St. Petersburg & Rock House Club, Moscow, Russia
9th & 11th October 2015

Time is flying really fast and about two weeks have passed since our “concert debut” in Russia. So after collecting all the pieces and thoughts I think the best word to describe the event will be “crazy”, totally crazy however in a good way, which even started with the first autumn snow. But let’s speak about everything in its turn. On the 9th and 11th of October, all Russian fans of good German music had a chance to enjoy live shows of gothic/ industrial metal band STAHLMANN. The support acts, namely LAUFDERZEIT in St. Petersburg and CHAOS RISING in Moscow also did their best to rock both venues and definitely deserve to be commended for good stuff and professionalism. The latter one also presented their debut album ‘Tief in mir’ with songs in Russian, German and English, actually worth listening to. But the most interesting part began afterwards and that was really the audience awaited.


But now to STAHLMANN. The band was founded in 2008 and came through several line-up changes. So far, they released four full-length albums, including the latest creation ‘CO2’. As usually it contains a lot of powerful, expressive and at the same time profound songs, while impressive concerts of the band won’t leave anyone indifferent. STAHLMANN deservedly can be called on the brightest representatives of German dark scene and the band is still conquering new heights. STAHLMANN is Mart (vocals), Ablaz (bass), Frank (guitar) and Max (drums). /


Music & Performance
Obviously the setlist for both cities was the same, yet the atmosphere at each concert was completely different and partially depended on the venue, partially on the audience and of course on the band. ‘Feindflug’ was the opening piece and the flight through the darkness started in a little bit chamber location, an enigmatic atmosphere and really great light, sometimes even mesmerizing as it was on ‘Die Klinge’. The crowd met every song with applause and of course couldn’t stand still. But what else to expect from the cultural capital of Russia: the first show within this tour appeared to be distantly emotional, more gothic and still powerful enough.


In Moscow, the “steel men” got an even warmer welcome, a more rocking mood and a cohesive group of fans wishing “happy birthday” to the singer and with their silver balloons and wishes on paper turning a set in a little bit birthday party too. The energy and drive were overwhelming, making every composition sound stronger and deeper. Thus the audience enjoyed inhaling every single sound and following moves of the musicians, who came onstage with only one thought – to play a great show, and succeeded. The setlist traditionally consists of brand new songs and old well-known ones, which were welcome with a special enthusiasm. I would mark out ‘Sadist’, ‘Deutschland tanzt’ and ‘Plasma’, maybe because it was cool to see them live, but all songs played and actually crafty performed live seemed to be cool.


Unavoidably everything so cool came to an end, of course the fans wanted more but after the second encore, which was ‘Asche’ the set was fully finished. Or anyway it’s better to say to be continued…

01. Feindflug
02. Adrenalin
03. Stahlmann
04. Wenn Engel tanzen
05. Hass mich… lieb mich
06. Der Schmied
07. Teufel
08. Sadist
09. Stahlwittchen
10. Deutschland tanzt
11. Engel der Dunkelheit
12. Spring nicht
13. Die Klinge
14. Schwarz
15. Plasma
16. Tanzmaschine
17. Spiegelbild
18. Süchtig
19. Asche

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 10
Light: 10
Total: 10 / 10



All pictures by Anatoly Klimansky

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