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stahlmann adamant
Artist: Stahlmann
Title: Adamant
Genre: Industrial, Metal, Neue Deutsche Härte
Release Date: 19th April 2013
Label: AFM Records

Album Review

STAHLMANN have returned with their third album, ‘Adamant’. The whole issue is hilarious. It is because the band insists, almost childishly, to play the same old style which smells of RAMMSTEIN from head to toes. And as if this wasn’t enough they named their album ‘Adamant’ to show us what? That they’ll continue to make such albums? They still believe that they can outwit RAMMSTEIN at their own game. It is all the more pitiful since the band has the potential to make its own mark in a different style of music. If I were nasty I would say the Freestyle Mute Karaoke. Some call it Plug-off Karaoke. But since I am not, I can see them succeeding in Epically Goth Capoeira. Some may argue that capoeira isn’t a music genre but a martial art. My reply would be that the band doesn’t appear to be in the mood to make music. Why don’t they try something else? Maybe they can open a book for a change to see how easily the diamonds break.  


01. Die Welt Verbrennt
02. Süchtig
03. Wenn Der Regen Kommt
04. Schwarz
05. Leuchtfeuer
06. Adrenalin
07. Der Schmied
08. Paradies
09. Nackt
10. Temple Der Lust
11. Dämonin


Mart – Vocals, programming
Tobi – Guitar, Programming

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stahlmann adamant


Music: 2
Sound: 7
Total: 5 / 10

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