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introMatrix, Bochum, Germany
26th April 2013
Stahlmann & Maerzfeld

With the brand-new album ‘Adamant’ on their sleeves, STAHLMANN are back on headliner tour through Germany. Besides the album, the band also brought the singles ‘Süchtig’ and ‘Schwarz’, latter one accompanied with a video clip, with them. For their shows in Cologne and Bochum, they brought MAERZFELD as support.


Out of the RAMMSTEIN cover project STAHLZEIT, front man Heli Reißenweber was builing a project with own material, named MAERZFELD. The project is very new and had its first life show in March 2011. About one year later, on 16th March 2012, the debut album ‘Tief’ was released. MAERZFELD is Heli Reißenweber (vocals), Roland Hagen (guitar), Matthias Sitzmann (guitar), Samir Elflein (bass), Thilo Weber (keyboards) and Thomas Buchberger-Voigt (drums). /


Music & Performance
When arriving at the club, people were already queuing up and soon, the venue was packed, promising already good mood for the support act. MAERZFELD entered the stage at eight to start with ‘Krieg’, heating up the crowd from the very start. Well, as for the music… any tune really cries RAMMSTEIN loudly. The band just cannot deny their roots it seems. But with their style, on the other hand they fitted very well to STAHLMANN. Generally spoken, you could compare the musical style not only to RAMMSTEIN, but also to EISBRECHER and maybe a little KMFDM. Lyrics of the songs were strictly kept in German. The show itself did what it should, it heated up the crowd for the headliner and I guess, there were also some MAERZFELD fans in the hall supporting their band with loud screams and clapping. Well done, even though I miss a little originality within their music.


01. Krieg
02. Virus
03. Muttertag
04. Huebschlerin
05. Tief
06. Heilige Krieger
07. Lass ab
08. Erleuchtung
09. Ich Flieg
10. Vollkommen
11. Vaterland
12. Still
13. Exil

Music: 6
Performance: 7
Sound: 7
Light: 7
Total: 6.7 / 10



STAHLMANN was founded in 2008 and already making a kick-start with their first release, which is the EP ‘Herzschlag’ that cracked into the German Alternative Charts on #20. Their tour credits already include sharing the stage with DORO, IN EXTREMO, SALTATIO MORTIS or EISBRECHER. The eponymous debut album has been released on 17th September 2010. On 20th January 2011, the band released the album ‘Quecksilber’ on AFM Records, being already quite successful in German charts. But this success was not the end. The brand-new album ‘Adamant’ was released on 19th April 2013, making it to position 34 in German Charts. STAHLMANN is Martin Soer (vocals, programmings) and Tobi Berkfeld (guitar, programmings). Live the duo is supported by Niklas Kahl on drums and Ablaz on bass. / /


Music & Performance
Warmed up by the show of MAERZFELD, the audience already celebrated the first song of STAHLMANN, ‘Willkommen’ (no other could fit better as opener). The route for the show was clear: Hard and relentlessly the beats were pouring out of the speakers while the gentlemen in silver blue were sunken in deep into their own world. ‘Marschieren’ and ‘Stahlmann’ provided some more kick-ass tunes to take off to. The tracks are pure adrenaline and passion. Besides those classics, there were of course several new songs presented and they fitted very well. The second song of the set, new song ‘Adrenaline’, immediately went into your earhole and into your legs with its typical hard beats. The audience reacted with wild clapping and dancing. And like this, the whole, sweat-inducing show went on. The middle part of the show remained to beloved classics like ‘Hass mich’ or ‘Stahlwittchen’, being alternated with newer songs as well.


The band as usually showed a lot of fan contact and convinced with a good mix of music and talks to the fans, like the story along to ‘Engel der Dunkelheit’, which was written due to a broken heart. During the show, STAHLMANN also invited a guest onto stage, DIE! composer Patrick Bush who was taking over the drums during ‘Dämonin’. One highlight was chasing the next and the attending fans hardly received any time for a respite and faster than you knew the main set already reached its end with ‘Kokain’ and ‘Tanzmaschine’, making the audience totally freaking out. Of course, soon the encore calls became louder and louder and no one was sad when the band returned for some encores. But before the first bloc started there was a real nice drum solo first. With ‘Marschieren’ and ‘Asche’, the show finally found an end. STAHLMANN know very well how to throw a party that’s for sure, and left an exhausted crowd who now slowly made their way back home.


01. Willkommen
02. Adrenalin
03. Stahlmann
04. Am Grunde
05. Hass mich
06. Herzschlag
07. Teufel
08. Stahlwittchen
09. Süchtig
10. Dämonin
11. Spring nicht
12. Engel der Dunkelheit
13. Schwarz
14. Kokain
15. Tanzmaschine
16. Wenn der Regen kommt
17. Traumfrau
18. Marschieren
19. Asche

Music: 7
Performance: 9
Sound: 7
Light: 8
Total: 8 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( / / /

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