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suendenklang traenenreich
Artist: Sündenklang
Title: Tränenreich
Genre: Gothic / Electro Rock
Release Date: 24th January 2014
Label: Sündenklang Records

Album Review

SÜNDENKLANG formed by STAHLMANN’s front man Martin Soer is still a young but already popular project with many shows played since autumn 2013 and many new fans gained. Wasting no time, Mart recorded the first album which became even more expected after the music videos of the songs from the debut work entitled ‘Tränenreich’. The album contains ten expressive, sincere and refined compositions that delicately carry a listener away into the world of melancholic beauty and gothic charm. Each song reveals its own images but at the same time all the tracks make a complete story when each of them adds some details to the whole picture creating a fascinating atmosphere. The journey through the kingdom of tears starts immediately with the opening piece, tuneful, heartfelt and a bit enigmatic. The voice mesmerizes a listener from the very beginning and till the end of the whole album.

Of course, the thought-provoking lyrics also play an important role and sometimes singing mostly looks like emotional reciting of poetry accompanied by music, for example in ‘Die Sehnsucht tanzt’ or ‘Im Unterholz’ however that can be said about almost any track. Yet the songs sound more interesting and peculiar thanks to that manner of performing. So the album continues leisurely but impressively and the music occupies more and more space making you forget about the reality for a while. Actually despite the general tranquillity of the compositions, all of them have their specific features or arrangements and one can easily choose which song he or she prefers. As for me, I’d like to mark out a couple of tracks that pleased me most of all, namely ‘Kreuzzug’ and ‘Die Welt steht still’ although it’s worthy to listen to the whole record. The final piece entitled ‘Wenn mein Herz schreit’ accumulates all the emotions conveyed in the previous songs and turns to be an adequate finale for ‘Tränenreich’.

So the album seems to be just great as a debut work that is not too surprising as Martin Soer is a talented and experienced musician. The profound songs will be appreciated by all those who like good and melancholic music. How lachrymose the compositions are, everyone will decide for themselves or will just enjoy the tracks without pondering on. In any case ‘Tränenreich’ deserves to be listened to.


01. Lieber sterben – 3:44
02. Kreuzzug – 3:17
03. Brief an Gott – 3:22
04. Welle – 3:43
05. Die Sehnsucht tanzt – 3:42
06. Mach mich glücklich – 4:16
07. Die Welt steht still – 3:43
08. Im Unterholz – 3:20
09. Krieger – 3:26
10. Wenn mein Herz schreit – 4:15


Martin Soer – Vocals
Nils Freiwald – Bass Guitar, Keyboard

Website /ündenklang/144525665735233

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suendenklang traenenreich


Music: 9
Sound: 10
Total: 9.5 / 10

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