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Artist: Stahlmann
Title: Stahlmann
Genre: Industrial Rock
Release Date: 17th September 2010
Label: AFM Records

Album Review

Gothic Rock has been plagued with SISTERS OF MERCY clones already since the eighties, but Industrial Rock has something equally awkward. Certainly not all the representatives of Neue Deutsche Härte were always brilliantly imaginative, but STAHLMANN takes the lack of originality to another level: Especially the first half of their self-titled debut album sounds like someone took fragments of RAMMSTEIN hits, shuffled them a bit and gave it a new name. Vocals, lyrics, guitar riffs, song structures - everything is so Rammstein-esque it would probably pass as a RAMMSTEIN cover band unless one would stop and listen carefully.

It is not a particularly bad RAMMSTEIN clone, though. Actually STAHLMANN is a pretty solid piece for a debut release - just completely unoriginal and thus uninteresting. The members of STAHLMANN are without a doubt well-trained musicians and not just a bunch of teenager RAMMSTEIN fans straight from the garage. However, the fact that the album is not downright awful and badly made makes it somehow even sadder: Why would proficient musicians consent to be a copy of some, albeit successful, group instead of trying how far their own wings would carry them? I am baffled.


01. Willkommen - 3:09
02. Stahlmann - 2:20
03. Hass Mich…Lieb Mich - 3:04
04. Teufel - 3:51
05. Marschieren - 3:45
06. Auf Ewig - 3:42
07. Kaltes Herz - 3:00
08. Mein Flehen - 3:42
09. Stahlwittchen - 2:44
10. Kokain - 2:37
11. Letzter Vorhang - 3:56


Mart – vocals
Alex – guitar
Tobi – guitar
Fire – bass
O-Lee – drums


Cover Picture


Music: 5
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 6 / 10


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