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stahlmann bastard
Artist: Stahlmann
Title: Bastard
Genre: Gothic / Electro Rock / NDH
Release Date: 16th June 2017
Label: AFM Records

Album Review

The NDH band STAHLMANN from Germany is four guys who are hiding their faces behind the silver make-up. They always have what to tell: the lyric stories of love, the dark ballads of hate and everything worth writing about. The new penny jar of musical tales called 'Bastard' was delayed two times, so the flame of impatience ignited inside of everyone who waits for the new record. In the end, it will be released on June 16th hopefully. Those who are familiar with the previous albums of the band know that the music of STAHLMANN has its own special recognizable sound. Since the first album, the band keeps on the highest standards of their skills. 'Bastard' is no exception.

The first song, 'Leitwolf', is heavy and rhythmic: the instruments seem to be playing tag. First chords are reminding of the dynamic computer game where you should move and run to stay alive. In general, music is playful and enigmatic. Here you already understand that 'Bastard' is tricky, energetic and fast. The mood of next two songs is probably the same: they are dynamic, and melodies are dancing. The fourth song, 'Nichts Spricht Wahre Liebe Frei', is completely a different thing. It has a tragic atmosphere and drums sound like a living heart in the metal shell. The band made even a video for this song, it came out on April 28th. This track touches and inspires at the same time, it opens special "deepest" part of the album. Can you imagine something between track 'Stahlmann' of the self-titled album and 'Feindflug' from 'Co2'?

Well, it is 'Wächter' which consists of seductive vocals and insinuating, wriggling guitar's sound. After comes 'Von Glut Zu Asche' with cold, crystal keys making you listening attentively and it has the best guitar solo in the whole album! As for me, the culmination of 'Bastard' is marvellous ‘Schwarz Und Weiss’, it has two leitmotifs: one Schwarz (black) – heavy rock music with thick bass and drums, and Weiss (white) – light symphonic line. The music here shows a symbiosis between several seemingly, non-comparable things. 'Supernova', the last one, swarms all around you, gives you hope and ends the album on this note, leaves you to think and to feel.

The new album is a bit heavier than previous 'Co2', the melodies are even more aggressive. So, the name 'Bastard' represents all the album's material. As we keep the new LP sort of alive, every bad boy is always a poet inside - strong ‘Bastard’ has deep vocals and beautiful musical arrangement. It's kind of "mathematical romanticism". In the new album STAHLMANN shows how powerful their music can be, but at the same time, how graceful it is - despite the heavy tunes, the album has a gentle aftertaste. 'Bastard' is full of beautiful guitars, more catchy than usual, exciting strings and keys. So, we have no doubt, 'Bastard' may become one of the best albums of STAHLMANN.


01. Leitwolf
02. Judas
03. Bastard
04. Nichts Spricht Wahre Liebe Frei
05. Wächter
06. Von Glut Zu Asche
07. Alptraum
08. Dein Gott
09. Schwarz Und Weiss
10. Supernova
11. Digipak Bonustrack: Military Lapdance


Mart Soer
Frank Herzig
Max Thiele

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stahlmann bastard


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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