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maerzfeld fremdkoerper
Artist: Maerzfeld
Title: Fremdkörper
Genre: Industrial Metal
Release Date: 3rd January 2014
Label: Südpolrecords / Rough Trade

Album Review

The first interesting thing about German industrial band MAERZFELD is their name. The musicians themselves put a lot of sense into it that also allows them to describe their music in some way. Speaking about the music, it’s supposed to be typical industrial metal that gets clear after listening to the bands sophomore album entitled ‘Fremdkörper’.

With the first seconds the record produces a relatively good impression: quality arrangements, peculiar elements, rather rich sound and various sonic effects have all the chances to please a listener. As for the vocals it’s another story. The voice goes with such kind of music quite well yet it’s mostly for those who can appreciate this manner of singing. The lyrics are also not bad and in general are able to convey their meaning sometimes deep to the audience even without too strong images or somewhat intricate words. Of course, everything is in German, even the song with French title ‘La petite mort’ (Little Death). The composition in general sounds good and could be even better if there weren’t so many reiterations which make the whole piece monotonous. The title track demonstrates a rhythm a bit more restrained, expressive guitars and the vocals this time are pushed slightly into the background giving an opportunity to assess the music alone. As the albums goes on, the songs are actually getting more powerful and that power releases only closer to an end of the record.

To sum it all up I can say that ‘Fremdkörper’ turns to be just fine, not too impressive and at the same time not too boring. It may seem profound, solid and will definitely suit the taste of fans of the formation. However some songs are worthy to listen to simply to get to know the genre. In this case I’d like to mark out such tracks as ‘Tanz für mich’ and the final piece ‘Letzter Sommer’. But anyway as it was mentioned above the album is for fans of such music in general and MAERZFELD in particular.


01. Maerzfeld – 4:08
02. La petite mort – 3:40
03. Fremdkörper – 4:15
04. Muttertag – 4:09
05. Treibjagd – 4:23
06. Krieg – 4:21
07. Fleisch im Fleisch – 3:22
08. Heilige Krieger – 3:53
09. Tanz für mich – 3:55
10. Kopfschuss – 3:48
11. Letzter Sommer – 5:00


Heli Reißenweber – Vocals
Matthias Sitzmann – Guitar
Mike Sitzmann – Guitar
Thilo Weber – Keyboard
Bora Öksüz – Bass
Michael Frischbier – Drums

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maerzfeld fremdkoerper


Music: 8
Sound: 7
Total: 7.5 / 10

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