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saltatiomortis zirkuszeitgeist
Artist: Saltatio Mortis
Title: Zirkus Zeitgeist
Genre: Medieval Metal
Release Date: 14th August 2015
Label: Universal Music

Album Review

Finally something new from the German minstrels and their very medieval rock sounds. This album comes with fourteen songs in the ordinary version and even more when you get the limited version. The topic of this album is accompanied by nice artworks and an awesome theme. This CD is definitely worth its money! The first song ‘Wo sind die Clowns’ is a very nice summary of the whole album. It’s about the question where the humor and the laughter is in the world. Everything is serious and orientated in money and stuff. The world needs more fun, more people that laugh and bring others to laugh.

In general the whole CD is very critical towards the actual situation in the world. Main topic is to question the actual spirit of time in the society. Why do people look away when something bad happens, or why do they accept their life how it is instead of changing something? Why do the stores sell Christmas stuff when it’s still warm outside? Oh of course, cause you gain more money! SALTATIO MORTIS sings about the greed in the world and the monotonous community that reminds a bit of Germany in about 1940…

All in all this album dares to say what many people think and there are several “Oh, he is right!” moments. On the other side this CD tries to let you think about the current situation. There is nothing exaggerated - only observations how it is in the world. It’s like a big circus but with nothing to laugh about...


01. Wo sind die Clowns
02. Weihnachtszeit
03. Nachts weinen die Soldaten
04. Des Bänkers neue Kleider
05. Maria
06. Wir sind Papst
07. Augen Zu
08. Geradeaus
09. Erinnerung
10. Trinklied
11. Rattenfänger
12. Todesengel
13. Vermessung des Glücks
14. Abschiedsmelodie
15. Gossenpoet (Bonus)
16. Mauern aus Angst (Bonus)
17. Gaudete (Bonus)


Alea der Bescheidene - Vocals, Guitar, Diverse Flutes, Bagpipes
Lasterbalk der Lasterliche - Drums, Percussion
Falk Irmenfried von Hasen - Mummelstein:- Hurdy-gurdy, Bagpipes, Shawm, Nyckel-harpa, Flute, Whistle, Accordion
El Silbador - Bagpipes, Shawm
Bruder Frank - Bass, Fretless Bass, Chapman Stick, Electric Contra-bass, Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Ukulele
Samoel - Guitar, Bouzouki, Piano
Jean Mechant - Drums, Percussion, Piano, Guitar

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saltatiomortis zirkuszeitgeist


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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