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arcanetyrant thewarrageson
Artist: Arcane Tyrant
Title: The War Rages On
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 1st March 2020
Label: Self-Released

Album Review

The last time we heard of ARCANE TYRANT was in July 2019, a pleasant surprise among the heaps of music coming our way like an avalanche. These Canadian Metal heads play a raw, epic and underground kind of Metal. Like many Canadian bands, they sing about swords, magic and other stuff of legend. The last output, ‘War At The Edge Of Time’, was the debut of Dustin Moroz (guitar / vocals) and Curtis Beauchamp (guitar). The second output sees a few re-recordings like ‘Arcane Tyrant’ and ‘War At The Edge Of Time’ and I must say the new line-up serves the overall sound (even Dustin sounds different, more complete if that makes sense). The guys still remind me of bands like ETERNAL CHAMPION although the vocals are totally different.

Now with a stable live line-up I hope the world will be taken by storm by ARCANE TYRANT. With the development in the production and the sound overall, I look forward to further outputs as the evolution shows the bands will to get better sound-wise. Maybe an outside producer could help the guys to further refine the interplay between guitars and vocals. It already got better but the mixing is a bit off on the drums because they are sometimes barely audible. If this small things are eliminated the next record will be true Canadian gold.


01. Fate Of The Blade
02. Battlecry
03. ...The War Rages On
04. Arcane Tyrant
05. The Ultimate Warrior
06. Prophecies Of The Dragon
07. Eye Of The Storm
08. War At The Edge Of Time


Jonathan Gushue – Bass
Isaac McAnerin – Drums
Curtis Beauchamp – Guitars
Dustin Moroz – Guitars, Vocals

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Cover Picture

arcanetyrant thewarrageson


Music: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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