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appalooza theholyofholies
Artist: Appalooza
Title: The Holy of Holies
Genre: Heavy Rock / Stoner Rock
Release Date: 5th February 2021
Label: Ripple Music

Album Review

If a band is advertised with “the take their cue from the alternative-heavy firepower of ALICE IN CHAINS…” I get pricked up pretty quickly, there are only two ways those comparisons can go and, in this case, I have to say: Congratulations! Sylvain Mongrel’s voice is one of a kind and I see from where these similarities come. Imagine a modern Rock band that constantly balances between high melodic arrangements interspersed with chaotic outbreaks and back and forth-transitions. All this while sounding like an odd mix of ALICE IN CHAINS (75%), BUSH (20%) and MASTODON (5%).

Sometimes this means that it can be a bit stressful to listen too but there’s not a boring second on this record and we ain’t here for easy listening, are we? APPALOOZA is complex and full of energy and melodies for weeks, some songs would work a bit better for me if I would not get the feeling that there are 12 song ideas in this one arrangement while two or three would suffice for a kick-ass track. Sometimes less is more, or better put: sometimes less is just perfect. To make this clear: this is lamenting on a high level because these guys are obviously talented as fuck and this is a pretty good record, just buy this and let's argue about it later on my Facebook page.


01. Storm
02. Snake Charmer
03. Reincarnation
04. Nazareth
05. Conquest
06. Azazael
07. Distress
08. Thousands Years After
09. Canis Majoris


Sylvain – Vocals / Guitar
Vincent – Drum
Tony – Bass
The Horse – Arrangements / Backing Vocals / Percussions / Banjo / Vibraslap

Website /

Cover Picture

appalooza theholyofholies


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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