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bst herbst
Artist: B.S.T
Title: Herbst
Genre: Doom Metal
Release Date: 21st September 2022
Label: Rafchild Records

Album Review

If you know me you probably know that I really despise German lyrics, there are rarely any exceptions to that golden rule but B.S.T from Hamburg once again prove that they are one of these Unicorns. Most modern Doom Metal bands are either so melodic that the inherent sadness that is one of the subgenres core elements get lost or is simply not so big a factor or the music tends to be so harsh and brutal (sludge bands or Death Doom outfits come to mind) that sadness is replaced with aggressive and pure hopelessness. B.S.T make music that is true to what Doom used to be: deep, dark and authentic sadness that is transported to the listener in such a raw and fragile despair that it actually makes your heart bleed.

Heiko’s vocals are heartfelt, melodic and kinda raspy (very fitting to the overall atmosphere). His and Jan’s Riffs and melodies are at the core of the musical narrative of ‘Herbst’. The guitars are dominating without over shining the drums and the bass, nothing is too far in the front or in the back when it comes to the mix. The rhythm section consisting of Lutz (bass) and Jan Galinski (drums) play an essential role but tend to be perceived as somewhat more in the background when it comes to the sum of the sound but that is just due to the different speeds which are played here (the drums are very slow so they get overheard from time to time). The perfect record to listen to at the end of September. If you are into music that goes deeper than the usual Thrash Band, check out B.S.T with ‘Herbst’.


01. Nur Ein Tag Im Leben
02. Kaltstart
03. Der Tod Kommt Näher
04. Was Jetzt Noch Bleibt
05. Der Mut


Lutz Reimer – Bass
Jan Galinski – Drums
Jan Rudßuck – Guitars
Heiko Wenck – Guitars, Vocals

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bst herbst


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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