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Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
January 26 2006
Deep Purple & SQY Rocking Team

A mixed crowd of men in their forties who still dressed like the good old hard rock fans they used to be or those who had changed over time into ordinary people. Dads brought their sons to the Heineken Music hall to go see the music which influenced their younger days. A great crowd had filled up the sold out venue with the fanatic fans in the front and the quiet music lovers nicely placed in seats at the back. Waiting in anticipation the audience had to live through the support act to see what they came for: Deep Purple.

SQY Rocking Team

A little less old than Deep Purple SQY Rocking Team has been around for quite a while. The experienced band seems to missed out on huge public attention but the fact that they are, again, supporting a major headliner has to prove that this band has something in store. Although the band members all seem to need the bathroom to give in to those healthy nerves that gives the edge on stage the band is more than ready to face the crowd. At ten to eight they kick off for their last show for a while; the band will hit the studio to record a new album.

The band, formerly known as Sequoia, plays straight forward rock music: heavy rock music. With their songs dealing with subjects like Daisy from the 80's tv series 'The Dukes of Hazard' and Tommy Lee, well known for his explicit video with Pamala Anderson, you must get an impression about the band's attitude. No fake pretences, no misplaced modesty, SQY is just making music about topics that appeal to them. Driven by the powerful rhythm section of newby Martijn Mansvelders and Wim Deeben, a 30 something guy who celebrated his birthday during the gig, the band manages to groove up the crowd. Powerful guitar playing by both Joost Deeben and Harald van Kruysdijk provided the melody and edge to the music. The band's lyrics are in the capable vocals of Harald who seems to be in good shape; deep, raw and energetic combined with the occasional slower parts. All this really benefits from the great acoustics of the venue, their sound is good, clean and rich with all instruments well in the mix. No matter how many times Harald changes gear or how much he abuses his mic cord.

Straight forward heavy rock needs something to make it stand out from the rest. The band kicks off leaving many of the Deep Purple fans wondering where they ended up at. Dressed in their motor sports outfits matching their latest cd's cover the three musicians try to warm up the audience for what comes next. A long haired monster wearing a leather cowboy hat enters the stage. At first the people don't know what to think but Harald's enthusiastic and positive attitude just seems to drag them into it more and more along the 10 song show. Although they slightly altered their normal performance to fit the crowd there's still plenty to see. Harald, of course being the band's main attraction, swings his mic above his head which gives you the impression he has to be a lasso throwing dirt bike cowboy: a cowboy with a fetish for using many guitars with the most interestingly silly details at times. Playing at the Heineken Music Hall wouldn't be complete with some beer being involved in the show. Being endorsed by the Dutch beer label Bavaria they brought their specially requested beer on stage. Harald's violent shaking ended in an orgasm of beer spaying out the bottle. We'd like to ensure you no Heineken was harmed during the show. The light on stage was plenty, of course limited in use their light engineer managed to put down a good show. Especially the timing for the colour changes was spot on adding much to the show's power. Contrary to popular belief it is possible to catch a mic stand when tossed up in the air, well done Harald! But like their mentioned in their good show: tonight is the night, tonight is Deep Purple night.

01. No Guts
02. Unleash Me
03. Strugle (with Tommy Lee)
04. Tonight is the Night
05. HTM Baby
06. Southern Moon
07. From Soho to Hollywood
08. Daisy Baby
09. Unbroken
10. No Queda Nada en la Mañana

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 8

Deep Purple

Deep Purple survived a seemingly endless series of lineup changes and a dramatic mid-career shift from grandiose progressive rock to ear-shattering heavy metal to emerge as a true institution of the British hard rock community; once credited in the Guinness Book of World Records as the globe's loudest band, their revolving-door roster launched the careers of performers including Ritchie Blackmore, David Coverdale, and Ian Gillan. Deep Purple was formed in Hertford, England, in 1968, with an inaugural lineup that featured guitarist Blackmore, vocalist Rod Evans, bassist Nick Simper, keyboardist Jon Lord, and drummer Ian Paice. Initially dubbed Roundabout, Despite numerous line up upheavals during their career, Deep Purple remains alive and well in the 21st century. With the line up Ian Gillan, Steve Morse, Roger Clover, Don Airy and Ian Paige they are now touring Europe.

That the English are very punctual was proven by the fact that Deep Purple started exactly at 8 o’ Clock. They started of with ‘Pictures of..’ followed by ‘Thing I never said’. I was very surprised of the good shape of Ian’s (vocals) voice. It was still loud and strong and it seemed that he had no trouble with any of the songs. Songs were exchanged with solo parts from all bandmembers: Steven Morse (Guitars) started off with a great solo, halfway Roger Glover (Bass) joined in followed up by Ian Paige ( Drums). Later on the gig Don Airey gave the most incredible keyboard solo ever with parts of the Star Wars Tune and ended with a big ‘bang’, which was given extra strength with a light explosion.
Deep Puple saved the golden oldies till the end of the show: they closed the first part of show with the legendary song ‘Smoke on the Water’ and started the encore with ‘Hush/Speedking’. The very last song of the show was ‘Black Night’ which made the audience go crazy. When leaving the stage for the second and last time, the audience wasn’t ready to let their favourite band go. But unfortunately screaming didn’t bring the band members back again. 

Never have I seen a band play with this much pleasure. Lead vocalist Ian Gillan smiled from the moment he got on stage till the end of the show. He was encouraging a complete sold out Heineken Music Hall to sing along and they did. Ian (vocals) was running around on stage and making fun with Steven (Guitars) and Roger (Bass). The show was given strength by with a magnificent light show and video shots. Just like the whole show, ambience and light show, the sound too was just perfect. That’s the only thing I can say about this magnificent gig: everything was just perfect!

01. Pictures of
02. Things I never said
03. Wrong man
04. Ted
05. Living Wreck
06. Rapture
07. Before Time Began
08. Mary Long
09. Guitar Solo
10. Well Dressed Guitar
11. Lazy
12. Keyboard Solo
13. Perfect Strangers
14. Junk Yard Blues
15. Kiss Tomorrow
16. Space Trucking
17. Highway Star
18. Smoke on the Water
19. Hush / Speed King
20. Black Night

Music 9
Performance 9
Light 9
Sound 9
Total 9

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