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knownrebel hollow
Artist: Known Rebel
Title: Hollow
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 13th December 2011
Label: Tympanik Audio

Album Review

KNOWN REBEL is one new addition to the roster of Tympanik Audio and consists of Germán Escandell and Jaime Irles. The project started back in 2009 when they were still students. The first EP came out in 2010 followed by ‘Hollow’ one year later on a net label in digital from. The gap to the physical now has been filled with the release on 13th December. ‘Anonymous’ is a little bit reminiscent of urban atmospheres created by acts such as NEBULO. Pretty much minimalistic but haunting, and the rhythm track corresponds being a stripped down drum’n’bass movement. Following ‘Neigh’ attaches to the duos obvious fascination for ambient. Laid-back and kind of chill-out this one is quite the choice for a midnight car ride through the city. ‘Mechanical Sunset’ goes for a slightly more organic approach as far as the beat goes and embraces haunting piano lines and synthetic washes.

‘Gathering Of The Argonauts’ is THE standout track on ‘Hollow’ for me! You’ll be immersed in its spacey textures in an instant to drift upon to god knows where. ‘Science’ on the other hand did strike no chord with me at all. Nothing to attach to, really. ‘Smart’ would share the same fate if it weren’t for a few more cool sounds thrown in and the awesome piano part. The rest of the album is filled with remixes. MOTHBOY for instance adds a nice twist to ‘Herz Aeon’, messes it up a little so to say without getting chaotic. LUCIDSTATIC took ‘Gathering of the Argonauts’ to his workbench to rough it up a little with a set of industrial tools, and a tribal drum section which actually suits it pretty well. Last but not least ACCESS TO ARASAKA has given ‘Herz Aeon’ a makeover and for his terms is keeping it pretty straight, nothing falling apart, no sonic chaos but a clean beat and those singular atmospheres.

Hollow’ is for those not taking a liking in the abstract vision some other artists of sophisticated electronic music pursue. The sublime melodies are what the duo scores with above all.


01. Anonymous - 4:23
02. Neigh - 4:39
03. Mechanical Sunset (feat. Andrey G) - 6:04
04. Herz Aeon - 6:20
05. Gathering of the Argonauts - 6:17
06. Science - 5:14
07. Smart - 5:48
08. Helium-3 (Jaime Irles remix) - 7:33
09. Herz Aeon (Mothboy remix) - 5:06
10. Smart (Roel Funcken remix) - 4:12
11. Gathering of the Argonauts (Lucidstatic remix) - 5:17
12. Helium-3 (2methylBulbe1ol remix) - 4:36
13. Herz Aeon (Access To Arasaka remix) - 6:38


Germán Escandell
Jaime Irles


Cover Picture

knownrebel hollow


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10


+2 #1 Serge Ménard 2012-01-17 21:17
Hi! Sebastian, How is life? That Duo are awesome, Excellent Music, You said it right, It is the Sublime, Absolutely Beautiful and intricate and it takes us out of this Earth and ease Our Struggles and Pains for a while and takes Us on another dimension and another world. I will buy that album that is for sure, Thank You Mr Huhn to share Known Rebel with Us, it is very nice. Take care and continue Your Excellent Vocation and Dedications.
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