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kiros layyourweaponsdown
Artist: Kiros
Title: Lay Your Weapons Down
Genre: Pop-Punk / Christian Rock
Release Date: 7th February 2012
Label: Aint No Grave Records

Album Review

Canadian Christian rock band, KIROS, was formed in 2002, they toured extensively and released two albums before this new one entitled as ‘Lay Your Weapons Down’. “We love music, and we believe the best music carries a message. Our message is hope and love, because that is what we've been given by God.” So says the band. It’s just shame that God has not given them the best music that they seem to hope it is. It’s very generic, boy-band-ish, their preaching in their lyrics is rather simplistic and yet they seem to be convinced it’s quite profound, but it is... well, boring on all counts. Sure, it’s easy on the ears, but so are the birds singing outside and at least you‘ll get some fresh air listening to them instead of wasting your time with this CD.


01. Broken State
02. One Thing
03. Outlaws And Prodigals
04. Unshaken
05. What Can Stop Me Now
06. Good Intentions Bad Directions
07. Passive Through
08. Found Me
09. Desperation Calls
10. Something Beautiful


Barry Mackichan – vocals, bass
Ryan Guerra – guitar
Tyler Wells – drums
Jonathan Lujan – guitar and vocals

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Cover Picture

kiros layyourweaponsdown


Music: 3
Sound: 5
Total: 3.5 /10

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