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lesdiscrets ariettesoubliees
Artist: Les Discrets
Title: Ariettes Oubliées...
Genre: Shoegaze Black Metal
Release Date: 10th February 2012
Label: Prophecy Productions

Album Review

LES DISCRETS may be quite a familiar listen when realizing that it is a project of Fursy Teyssier, one of the main founders of Shoegaze Black Metal group AMESOEURS and did live work for Neige’s group ALCEST. Similar to both groups the music here sounds like beautifully orchestrated BLACK METAL but with the soft tones of Shoegaze. For those expecting a harsh atmospheric album, think again as much of this album is actually quite pleasant to listen to but without the soft folk serenity of complacent sound that is simply acoustic. LES DISCRETS easily could have gone the route of what OPETH did with ‘Damnation’ and created a wonderful acoustic Black Metal album, but they wanted to go a bit further than that. The music on ‘Ariettes…’ is a mix of both acoustic calm and harsh electrified storms of guitar, all layered together in fantastic arrangement such as on ‘La Traversée’. Leading the charge is Teyssier’s very soft vocal approach, which is certainly not the typical Black Metal rasp, but instead feels more like something from PORCUPINE TREE- very quiet and melodramatic. During the heavier moments such as on ‘La Nuit…’ which has a Gothic tinge to them it feels more like mid era KATATONIA with an album like ‘Last Fair Deal…’ Combined, it is very unique and fun to hear in a way that AMESOEUR’S just didn’t really touch upon.

While all the tracks are in French- making the lyrics a hit hard to translate, and further with Teyssier’s voice being so soft it can be hard to hear, this album meant more to be just something to drift to rather than contemplate as some avant-garde thoughtful piece. The only downside to the album is that the female vocalist Audrey seems almost nonexistent on the album with her voice; it is even softer than Teyssier’s and when combined it feels overshadowed, or more like a faint echo rather than having a strong appearance like some bands such as DRACONIAN showcase. On ‘Le Mouvement…’ one can barely make out traces of her voice, but it is the typical issue that listeners will often run into with the music, especially if the guitars are electrified as opposed to acoustic. As far as softness goes, the acoustic ‘Après l‘ Ombre’ is one of those acoustic songs that LES DISCRETS does just right and it allows Audrey’s voice and it is the best track to showcase how much atmosphere she adds to the music. Overall while some fans may feel that LES DISCRETS took a step backwards rather than forwards and kept to shallow depths with how they constructed ‘Ariette’s…’, the album still does a great job at maintaining a steady sound while still remaining intriguing and won’t let down listeners at all who like the more eclectic side of Shoegaze Metal without feeling like it will lull them asleep.


01. Linceul d’hiver - 2:50
02. La Traversée - 8:23
03. Le Mouvement perpetual - 6:55
04. Ariettes oubliées I : Je devine à travers un murmure... - 5:31
05. La Nuit muette - 5:49
06. Au Creux de l’hiver - 4:36
07. Après l‘ Ombre - 4:34
08. Les Regrets - 4:10


Fursy Teyssier - Guitars, Bass, Vocals and composition
Winterhalter - Drums
Audrey Hadorn - Vocals and lyrics


Cover Picture

lesdiscrets ariettesoubliees


Music: 10
Sound: 9
Total: 9.5 / 10

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