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miab clubmixes
Title: Revelations Club.Mixes
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 9th March 2012
Label: Dreamweb Music

EP Review

Not long after the initial release of 'Revelations', calls got louder for a club collection of some of the album tracks. Freaks, your prayers were heard. 'Revelations Club.Mixes' has been released last Friday and offers five re-arranged versions to hit better with dance floor addicts. The one to make the start is 'Control' which does a pretty good job at putting people in a dream state while dancing. 'Cause And Effect' follows right up. Here, the result of restructuring most likely won't work as well as intended in my opinion. The beat still is too complex for the desired task. 'Remember' will be the better choice. Still, I'm wondering why the guys chose this one for a club mix. I mean, it's taking away all the magic and impact of the original in favour of club compatibility. The last two songs 'Unknown' and 'Sanctuary' for that matter don't fail to deliver the atmosphere I love so much, and especially the latter has a firm beat to shake the floors. All in all, this will be a good tool for DJs, even though they will find that part of those tracks are not the usual type of club mixes.


01. Control (club.mix) - 7:19
02. Cause and Effect (club.mix) - 4:41
03. Remember (club.mix) - 4:43
04. Unknown (club.mix) - 6:43
05. Sanctuary (club.mix) - 4:52


Stefan Poiss
Markus Hadwiger


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miab clubmixes


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 7 / 10

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