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Title: 8 Bits
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 5th March 2010
Label: Dependent Records

Single Review

'8 Bits' from the recent MIND.IN.A.BOX homage to the C64 'R.E.T.R.O' has been a favourite of many and thus was predestined to be put out as a separate release which has now seen the light of day as a limited release, available at the Dependent Records online shop, on 5th March. The single release contains a few mixes of the title track, as well as an exclusive bonus track. But let us start with the '8.5 Bits Mix' coming with a reworked, more complex rhythmic fabric and synth layers, getting ample space to unfold. The only thing distinguishing the '8,6 Bits Mix' from the previous one is the use of Stefan Poiss's clean vocals, making this mix the far better one of the two in my opinion. With 'Last Ninja 2', the trilogy now is completed and once again MIAB succeed in building a modern electronic structure with many details around the original theme.

The 'Club Mix' does not need any detailed description I think. The beats of the original here are highlighted a little more to ensure you can properly dance to it. '8 Bits' is the perfect release for collectors, but apart from the '8,6 Bits Mix' and 'Last Ninja 2' , which admittedly make half of the disc, there's nothing really outstanding about it.


01. 8 Bits [8,5 Bits Mix] - 4:01
02. 8 Bits [8,6 Bits Mix] - 4:01
03. Last Ninja 2 - 6:52
04. 8 Bits [Club Edit] - 4:01


Stefan Poiss
Markus Hadwiger

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Music: 6
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10


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