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Title: What used to be (Ltd. MCD)
Genre: Electro
Release Date: 14th December 2007
Label: Dependent Records


This release was initially planned as a DJ-Club promo only with some reworked version of the 'Crossroads' track 'What used to be' and a bonus track. But then it was suddenly decided to make it available to the fans. Strictly limited to 300 copies.


Stefan Poiss - Production, Arrangements, Vocals
Markus Hadwiger - Lyrics

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Track Review

01. What used to be (Short Storm) - 4:32
'What used to be' is still one of my favourites on 'Crossroads' and now it has been reworked for the clubs and the result is great. The typical spherical synth arrangements collide with a straight and club-friendly beat. The requirements couldn't be better and I wouldn't be surprised if this track would soon be on heavy rotation in the clubs, Stefan’s vocal parts have been alienated for that track and most of the lyrics were stripped out except for the most intense part of course.

02. What used to be (Long Storm) - 8:52
Apart from the fact that it's longer than the original version of  'What used to be', this version has the same ingredients as the previous one. The separate elements and sounds get more time to unfold and in some parts the track works with some noisy mesh-ups rather untypical for the band, but fitting well into the arrangement.

03. One Day - 4:22
'One Day' is already available as a hidden bonus for those, who bought 'Crossroads' and therefore got access to the hidden area with their code. Only one day is necessary to change a life forever. Sometimes it's rather minutes or seconds. It's amazing that a whole life can be turned upside-down in the blink of an eye. Hopefully it changes for the better. 'One Day' is a rather dreamy and calm track with laid-back beats and spherical synths in the back. Stefan performs the vocals in a polyphonic chant. One layer with the clean vocals and the other one with the alienated and pitched vocals.

04. What used to be (Peter Rainmanns Turning Point Mix) - 6:13
This song wastes no time and directly starts the track with pumping beats and loops. Rainmann also uses some sounds from the original version sometimes in his mix. During the verses, no melodic synths are used. Just the chant is added to the drum arrangement to build up atmosphere. The chorus comes up with some melodic sounds, that remind me of trance music but it sounds good.

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Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8


So, that's it then. The last release of Dependent. A label that brought us such bands like SEABOUND, DISMANTLED and of course MIND.IN.A.BOX who have the honour to be the very last release on Dependent and it was the right choice. The reworked versions will be on heavy rotation in the clubs for a long time, that's for sure and as a little bonus you'll also get the lovely track 'One Day'. It really would be a stroke of bad luck if M.i.a.B. wouldn't find a new label. But until then, we can't do anything else but waiting.


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