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motorpsycho kingdomofoblivion
Artist: Motorpsycho
Title: Kingdom of Oblivion
Genre: Psychedelic Hard Rock
Release Date: 16th April 2021
Label: Stickman Records

Album Review

Hey there folks! Today we are listening to MOTOPSYCHO from Trondheim, Norway. To be honest: I only knew these guys by name because I cannot listen to every band on the planet on a regular basis. I did not expect this kind of music, this is tame, calm and relaxing as fuck (the name of the band is very deceiving here). MOTORPSYCHO formed in 1989 and ‘Kingdom of Oblivion’ is their 23rd output.

There are no motors or psychos to be heard or felt on this record, only chill progressive and kinda psychedelic arrangements with nice clean vocals (OK there is an underlying sadness in these songs that I can’t quite grasp as I don’t have the lyrics at hand). These guys should partner with Danny Elfman and make a soundtrack for a Tim Burton movie (the styles are NOT comparable but the feeling some of these compositions summon are). All in all, this is, as the cool kids nowadays put it, deep shit (no music for rocking out at the club but music to listen to over your headphones maybe from a nice vinyl pressing).

If you guys dig the musical equivalent of the eye of the storm, check it out now!


01. The Waning Pt. 1 & 2
02. Kingdom of Oblivion
03. Lady May
04. The United Debased
05. The Watcher (featuring The Crimson Eye)
06. Dreamkiller
07. Atet
08. At Empire’s End
09. The Hunt
10. After the Fair
11. The Transmutation of Cosmoctopus Lurker
12. Cormorant


Bent Sæther – Vocals, Bass
Hans Magnus Ryan – Guitar, Vocals
Tomas Järmyr – Drums

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motorpsycho kingdomofoblivion


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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