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Title: Unsterblich
Artist: Luxuslärm
Genre: Rock / Pop
Release Date: 13th February 2009
Label: Die Opposition (Intergroove)

Single Review

Already in 2003, the band played various shows as a cover band under the name BLUE CINNAMON. On one of these show they met producer Götz von Sydow, who encouraged them to write their own material. In January 2007, now with the new name LUXUSLÄRM, the band won the finale of the NRW-Rock-it contest. One year later, the debut ‘100 km bis zum Meer’ is being produced and released, followed by the same-titled single. Now the second single ‘Unsterblich’ is about to be lifted on 13th February 2009.

A brittle piano melody, tethered to a background marching drum invites to dream. That alone might not blow you away yet but the very moment the timid, restrained voice of vocalist Janine Meyer appears, brings a sheer flood of emotions that’ll cause goose bumps and make your hairs stand on end, especially when her chant gains further strength and power as the song progresses and erupts into a rocking chorus with the full instrumental set. A song, worth a single release and worth a buy! The full single which will be in stores soon includes additional unreleased material like a couple of live tracks and a live video.


1. Unsterblich
2. Unsterblich unplugged bei 1 Live
3. Ja,Ja (Köln Live Bootleg 11.12.08)
4. Unsterblich (Video Singlecut)
5. Solang es noch geht (Live Video)


Janine Meyer - Vocals
Henrik Oberbossel – Guitar, Vocals
David Rempel – Keys, Guitars
Eugen Urlacher - Bass
Jan Zimmer - Drums


http://www.luxuslä /

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Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8

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