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thomasgodoj sogewollt
Artist: Thomas Godoj
Title: So Gewollt
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 14th October 2011
Label: SPV Recordings

Album Review

Most people will remember THOMAS GODOJ as one of the winners of the notoriously famous show pop idol, particularly its German offspring which translates "Germany's looking for the superstar" Ever since that winning took place he's released three albums and severed all ties to the previous management and industry that is behind the contest. On 14th October he's released the newest full-length 'So gewollt'. The album takes off with the fast-paced 'Ein Tag im Leben eines anderen', centring around around a detached individual who ćan'T get himself to break out of the circle of idleness he's trapped himself in. 'Niemandsland' follows right up and except for being a little slower it's significantly darker in timbre and vocal performance. 'Dächer einer ganzen Stadt' highlights a very clean production and is mostly fascinating to to that to me, 'Wir zählen die Tage' is charged up with highly emotional contents about the starts of something and the odds of keeping it up while everything around is changing.

The memories of very special days in your life that will remain forever while others simply fade are the subject matter of 'Legendensommer' that is otherwise bursting with melancholia. 'Vermisst du nicht irgendwas' presents you with a subdued rock ballad while 'Gewollt' adds some speed and a solid drum department again. Leaving chapters behind instead of clinging to them desperately is in the centre of the slow creeping and acoustically tinged 'Abschliessen können', while 'Ein Regen lang' kicks it up a few notches again and completes the circle of slow and fast once more. 'So gewollt' is definitely not the abysmal album I expected it to be. On the other hand though it's surely nothing to stand out. It's a solid German rock album but nothing more.


01. Ein Tag im Leben eines anderen
02. Niemandsland
03. Meine Welt ist es nicht
04. Dächer einer ganzen Stadt
05. Wir zählen die Tage
06. Herzblut
07. Legendensommer
08. Vermisst Du nicht irgendwas
09. So gewollt
10. Wenn ich geh'
11. Abschließen können
12. Einen Regen lang
13. So weit so gut
14. Von allem etwas


Thomas Godoj & Band


Cover Picture

thomasgodoj sogewollt


Music: 5
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 6.5 / 10

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