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skinnypuppy handover
Artist: Skinny Puppy
Title: handover
Genre: Electro / Experimental / Industrial
Release Date: 28th October 2011
Label: Synthetic Symphony (SPV)

Album Review

"I recently listened to the record and it’s making even more sense to me. We’re certainly experiencing the rape of mankind as the world’s economies slide even further and the inability of people to look around them and see what’s going on. You’re starting to see a neo-feudalistic empire on the rise. People are getting so pissed off, they’re turning on each other." -Nivek Ogre about ‘hanDover’ -

Within 26 years of career ‘hanDover’ is the fourteenth album of SKINNY PUPPY those guys are presenting to us. This outstanding band for its genre is well known for new and unconventional ways of creating music and art and for pioneering work. It seems that they were always ahead of times – and so is ‘hanDover’. Although SKINNY PUPPY is not abdicating their very own sound, some things changed. While other bands are following the typical structure and mandatory of the actual scene as well as the commandments of “club hits for dummies”, the duo strikes “new paths”. A dense and devastating atmosphere beleaguers the whole release - it’s characterized by both: tranquillity and kerfuffle. Well, that’s even the right description of the mood that hit me while listening to this album. No wonder at all, because ‘hanDover‘ “centres not only on the unbridled greed of the world's financial organizations and the governments that enable them, but the climate of political impotence which makes people resign their fate, no matter how insidious the situation gets.”

Once you get the topic of this release, the diremption between despair and sheer anger is getting more and more obvious and understandable. If you can say so, this album is a kind of emotional within all aspects. It carries all the abjection of a society that loses its value while recognizing that it is devouring itself without purposing. Nevertheless the refusing of letting go is even more crushing down the whole scenery. All that remains are shards of our lives, of our society, of our values…and wrath as well as hate while feigning that everything’s fine… All this feelings and emotions are turning into a great maelstrom that seems to be tossing the audience like sitting in a nutshell. And so ‘hanDover’ offers on one hand soundscapes of tranquillity evoked by acoustic and piano parts while on the other hand harsh electro-sounds, brutal and disastrous effects picture the uprising. To point out a certain song would fall short of this artful release. As it is quite often the case, it’s the un-brokenness that constitutes the value of this release.

Although it’s in no way “easy listening”, ‘handover’ is highly recommended… not only for fans, but also for an interested and responsible audience!


01. Ovirt
02. Cullorblind
03. Wavy
04. AshAs
05. Gambatte
06. Icktums
07. Point
08. Brownstone
09. Vyrisus
10. Village
11. NoiseX


cEvin Key – Synth, Percussion, Electronics, Guitar, Theremin
Nivek Ogre – Vocals, Synth
[Mark Walk – Programming, Guitar, Bass]
[Ken "Hiwatt" Marshall – Programming, Synth, FX]
[ Traz Damji – Additional Programming, Synth]
[Saki Kaskas – Guitar]

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skinnypuppy handover


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Extras: -
Total: 10 / 10

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