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shiv-r thisworlderase
Artist: SHIV-R
Title: This World Erase
Genre: Industrial
Release Date: 7th October 2011
Label: Infacted Recordings

Album Review

The Australian duo SHIV-R made impossible. They brought fashion and beauty on industrial scene. The concept of their second album ‘This World Erase’ is destroying the real world and creating the new one. The best way to express this idea was to split the design into white and black parts. Pretty banal, but in this case it doesn’t matter what they did, but how. For the outfit design the musicians contacted Mildred von Hildegard aka Mother of London, known for her work with MARILY MANSON und ALICE COOPER. Together with other designers, stylists, photographers and of course musicians wonderful looks were created. That was a visual part of the album. Now imagine a shining porcelain statuette which falls down on a glass floor, but instead of crystal ringing you hear a grinding sound and noise. And so you woke up from your nice dream and it’s time for reality, which will make you shiver.

Musically this act is pretty close to what MARILYN MANSON does. Except for him as influences HOCICO, HAUS ARAFNA, COMBICHRIST and INFECTED MUSHROOM are mentioned. More over the voice of SHIV-R took part in the REAPER single ‘Dirty Cash’, which totally rocked German Alternative Charts. SHIV-R is kind of lace-industrial. Their music is full of interesting details like for example oriental motifs in the ‘Lingerie’ or ‘Deafening’, or burst of musical machine-gun fire in the end of the ‘Blind Mice’. In general it’s nothing more but a usual industrial project, on the other hand these details make the album ‘This World Erase’ special and worth to listen to. This album is a daisy, which sprouts right through a slab of concrete.


01. Entree
02. Pharmaceutical Grade
03. God Is Art
04. Incision
05. Hollow Mask
06. This World Erase
07. Blind Mice
08. Deafening
09. This Fix
10. Stripped
11. Alpha Omega
12. Lingerie
13. Arise


Pete Crane (aka Virul3nt)
Lee Bulig (aka Kong)


Cover Picture

shiv-r thisworlderase


Music: 9
Sound: 7
Total: 8 / 10

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