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titotarantula42zakk, Düsseldorf, Germany
13th October 2019
Tito & Tarantula - “8 Arms to Hold You” Tour 2019

Born in Mexico and raised in the wilderness of Alaska as the son of a trapper, Tito Larriva’s career began in Los Angeles. After his debut as Hammy in the Peewee Herman Show (1981) he worked with Patrick Swayze (Roadhouse), Johnny Depp (Once Upon A Time in Mexico), Antonio Banderas (Desperados 2) and wrote music for over 50 movies (including the title songs for Machete and Machete Kills).

The starting shot for TITO & TARANTULA was Robert Rodriguez’ offer to work on ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ (1995). The legendary performance as vampire house band of the Titty Twister bar and the worldwide success of the film brought the band to Europe for the first time. The iconic film scene, where the band plays ‘After Dark’ during Salma Hayek’s legendary snake and whiskey performance, alone has immortalized the band’s music for the movie aficionados world-wide.


Music & Performance
As announced on the postings, TITO & TARANTULA were the only act on the roster of this beautiful Sunday night in the Düsseldorf zakk. The hall was filling gradually, and around 8:20pm, the lights went low and a classic rendition of Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’ began resounding from the speakers, while Tito and his four fellow band members climbed the stage. They kicked off their set with the song ‘Strange Face’ from their 1997 debut album ‘Tarantism’. With the first chords, Tito and his crew of talented musicians turned the zakk into a desert-like blues rock club. The present fans definitely were delighted by the friendly interaction of Tito with his audience. For the song ‘He’s a liar’ Tito made clear that this song was not about Donald Trump, although he shared that literally on the first day after the election, he was verbally harassed and told to go back to Mexico while he was fixing his fence in front of his house in El Paso.


After 90 minutes of playtime, fan favourite ‘After Dark’ ended the main part, and it all culminated as Tito asked a handful of ladies onstage to shake what their mama gave them during the last part of the song. After the end of the song the present fans made themselves heard by clapping and whistling, indicating that they were by no means ready to leave. After a short break, fortunately TITO & TARANTULA returned for a three-song encore, which included the debut album hit ‘Angry Cockroaches’, the cover song ‘La Bamba’ and the evening closed off with the song from the new album ‘Goodbye Good Luck’, providing a fitting send-off for the approximately 300 visitors.

01. Strange Face
02. Bed of lies
03. Love Sane
04. As Worlds Collide
05. Jupiter
06. This House
07. Slipping n’ Sliding
08. Virtues Glow
09. Lady Don’t Leave
10. Clumsy
11. It’s Alright
12. He’s a Liar
13. Slow Dream
14. Flor de Mal
15. Moto
16. After Dark
17. Cucarachas
18. La Bamba
19. Goodbye Good Luck

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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All pictures by Andreas Klüppelberg
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