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teenage warewolvesThe Warehouse, Leeds, UK
13th August 2021
Teenage Warewolves - “STaY SiCK Tour” - Support: She’s in Bauhaus

The evening’s entertainment is provided by the mind and talent of Jack Atlantis (extraordinaire) from LA. Two bands, but they are the same band members. Two very different bands, in style, sound and convincing appearance. How is this possible?

I’m not sure to be honest, but this is no normal tribute band. Yes, there are some very talented tribute bands (and some terrible ones), but these guys take their replicas take the extreme. They have an extraordinary reputation - when buying a ticket and arriving at the venue you will think you are going to see a tribute band (x2). When the stage springs into life you will be genuinely surprised (x2). When you leave the venue, you will still be questioning your senses - was that a tribute band? (x2). And were the x2 the same artists and performers? Surely not? You start asking yourself the question - have I entered an alternative reality? Next thought - I’m confused. That’s their reputation, too convincing for our brain cells to compute - and how does Jack slip into those very different personas? Is that possible? I went to see them, and I’m still questioning my sanity…

shes in bauhausDSC 1898 DN low light shes in bauhausDSC 1898 DN low light 03

The venue also merits mention - The Warehouse has catered for various alternative scenes since 1979. I have had many a good night clubbing and seeing bands here. Yes, the Hacienda has the mainstream crown as a Northern England legendary music venue, but The Warehouse was first and undoubtedly has a more special place in music history. Ok, in Goth history The Warehouse was fortunate to be based in Leeds, the home of THE SISTERS OF MERCY. But bands such as OASIS, THE STONE ROSES, FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD, SUGAR HILL GANG and many more have their history entwined in The Warehouse.

She’s in Bauhaus

Wow! The venue is packed! There is atmosphere, the place is buzzing. Is this life almost back to normal after Covid? Too early to say, but it was fantastic to feel that vibe again. I’ve got to mention, that just before the arrival of She’s in Bauhaus there was a solo burlesque performance from KITTEN DE VILLE (originator of the new burlesque movement). Kitten took advantage of the buzzing crowd, and worked them to her advantage. Such was the frenzy created that someone in the crowd became far too excitable and threw their drink towards her, over the crowd. Most of it missed her, covering the stage floor - but she carried on regardless, using it to her advantage.

shes in bauhausDSC 2286 DN low light shes in bauhausDSC 2286 DN low light 37

Music & Performance
SHE’S IN BAUHAUS arrived on stage to PETER MURPHY’s solo single ‘Strange Kind of Love’, which led into ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’. Right, before I go further, I need to explain something. Jack Atlantis was on stage. Yes, he was there, but all I saw was Peter Murphy. It wasn’t just the outfit, including a very typical short black cape and bare chest, it was an unquestionable aura of Peter. I’ve seen BAUHAUS play several times. Tonight, I was watching Peter Murphy. How? I’m not sure. The illusion is unfathomable. I fully understand, believe and totally respect the BAUHAUS band members that have said they questioned their senses whilst watching SHE’S IN BAUHAUS live on stage. The BAUHAUS band members were mesmerised and slightly confused after seeing them perform, we normally see Peter from behind on stage.

shes in bauhausDSC 2932 DN low light shes in bauhausDSC 2932 DN low light 75

Why are we seeing him from the crowd? The looks, the mannerisms, movements and the totally cool and icy character of Peter - it’s not copied. It’s morphed. Cloned. Jack isn’t Jack - he’s Peter. It’s a very odd feeling that makes you question yourself throughout the evening. Absolutely outstanding.

01. Strange Kind of Love & Bela Lugosi’s Dead
02. Dark Entries
03. Burning from the Inside
04. Passion of Lovers
05. Kick in the Eye
06. Silent Hedges
07. Slice of Life
08. Lagartija Nick
09. Dub Party / She’s in Parties
10. No Big Deal
11. Ziggy Stardust

Music: 9
Performance: 9.5
Light: 8.5
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_1898-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_1898-DN-low-light_01
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_1898-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_1898-DN-low-light_03
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_1898-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_1898-DN-low-light_05
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_1898-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_1898-DN-low-light_07
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_1898-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_1898-DN-low-light_89
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_1898-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_1898-DN-low-light_91
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_1898-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_1898-DN-low-light_93
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_1930-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_1930-DN-low-light_09
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_1957-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_1957-DN-low-light_11
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_1982-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_1982-DN-low-light_13
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_1997-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_1997-DN-low-light_15
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2019-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2019-DN-low-light_17
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2030-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2030-DN-low-light_19
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2040-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2040-DN-low-light_21
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2060-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2060-DN-low-light_23
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2103-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2103-DN-low-light_25
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2122-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2122-DN-low-light_27
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2130-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2130-DN-low-light_29
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2177-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2177-DN-low-light_31
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2202-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2202-DN-low-light_33
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2229-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2229-DN-low-light_35
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2286-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2286-DN-low-light_37
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2327-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2327-DN-low-light_39
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2398-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2398-DN-low-light_41
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2446-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2446-DN-low-light_43
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2505-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2505-DN-low-light_45
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2545-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2545-DN-low-light_47
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2552-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2552-DN-low-light_49
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2566-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2566-DN-low-light_51
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2606-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2606-DN-low-light_53
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2613-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2613-DN-low-light_55
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2629-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2629-DN-low-light_57
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2651-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2651-DN-low-light_59
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2668-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2668-DN-low-light_61
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2727-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2727-DN-low-light_63
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2737-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2737-DN-low-light_65
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2818-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2818-DN-low-light_67
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2863-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2863-DN-low-light_69
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2903-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2903-DN-low-light_71
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2929-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2929-DN-low-light_73
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2932-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2932-DN-low-light_75
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2943-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2943-DN-low-light_77
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2958-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2958-DN-low-light_79
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_2978-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_2978-DN-low-light_81
  • shes-in-bauhausDSC_3023-DN-low-light_shes-in-bauhausDSC_3023-DN-low-light_83

Teenage Warewolves

Knowing that Jack Atlantis was due back out on stage, my brain was waiting for a PETER MURPHY take on LUX INTERIOR, the lead singer of THE CRAMPS. Well, my brain was about to become even more scrambled. As I waited, who should come on stage, but LUX INTERIOR! Didn’t he die? I felt like rubbing my eyes and giving my head a shake. This guy wasn’t even mildly tinged with Peter Murphy nor Jack Atlantis. All I could see, and hear, was Lux Interior! Surely not possible? Peter is cool and icy, Lux is (was) zany, camp and full of sexual inuendo. Two polar opposites - but here my senses were tested to their limits. This was the same guy. Surely that’s not possible. Is it black magic? Who knows, but it’s beyond comprehension that these two performers are the same guy.

teenage warewolvesDSC 3278 DN low light teenage warewolvesDSC 3278 DN low light 5

Music & Performance
The band were equal in their persona swaps, not just in appearance, but in playing style too. The more I watched this ghost of Lux Interior the finer details of his character I saw. Facial expressions, movements, stage character - wow! TEENAGE WAREWOLVES blast through a huge set, like the SHE’S IN BAUHAUS set, all the tracks you want to hear. This is extreme as performers; through the evening of high energy, they get through nearly thirty classic BAUHAUS and THE CRAMPS tracks. How do they do it? Must be Red Bull. Burlesque is of course featured throughout this set, with KITTEN DE VILLE and Moana integrating seamlessly into the theatre like performance. Don’t forget Kitten featured in the video to THE CRAMPS ‘Ultra Twist’ video - she is completely and utterly at home here. It’s suggestive, highly charged sexy fun - with two girls that perhaps you wouldn’t want to take home to meet mother.

teenage warewolvesDSC 3519 DN low light teenage warewolvesDSC 3519 DN low light 31

Although I suspect if you were Lux Interior’s mum you wouldn’t have expected less. Jack seems to get more engrossed and fuller of energy as the night progresses, balancing on the crowd barrier in a variety of poses, joining the crowd and climbing speaker stacks. Pure Rock and Roll throughout. I had a fantastic fun full filled night, with two great bands. Even though they were the same members in each band - you would have no idea. I can see why they are filling venues, and regular visitors to touring the UK. The best evening’s entertainment I’ve had in ages, and a brilliant way of escaping Covid anxieties. Highly, highly recommended.

01. Human Fly
02. Most Exalted Potentate of Love
03. Garbageman
04. Teenage Warewolves
05. The Way I Walk
06. Goo Goo Muck
07. Creature Black Leather Lagoon
08. Colour Me Black
09. Like a Bad Girl Should
10. Ultra Twist
11. Crusher
12. Dug Train
13. New Kind of Trick
14. Pussy Do the Dog
15. You’ve Got Good Taste
16. She Said
17. Bikini Girls With Machine Guns
18. Tear It Up

Music: 9
Performance: 9.5
Light: 8.5
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3209-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3209-DN-low-light_1
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3237-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3237-DN-low-light_3
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3278-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3278-DN-low-light_5
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3291-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3291-DN-low-light_7
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3324-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3324-DN-low-light_9
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3353-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3353-DN-low-light_11
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3382-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3382-DN-low-light_13
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3410-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3410-DN-low-light_15
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3442-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3442-DN-low-light_17
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3460-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3460-DN-low-light_19
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3466-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3466-DN-low-light_21
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3472-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3472-DN-low-light_23
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3476-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3476-DN-low-light_25
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3480-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3480-DN-low-light_27
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3510-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3510-DN-low-light_29
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3519-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3519-DN-low-light_31
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3532-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3532-DN-low-light_33
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3547-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3547-DN-low-light_35
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3553-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3553-DN-low-light_37
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3564-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3564-DN-low-light_39
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3577-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3577-DN-low-light_41
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3582-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3582-DN-low-light_43
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3592-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3592-DN-low-light_45
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3605-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3605-DN-low-light_47
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3648-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3648-DN-low-light_49
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3670-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3670-DN-low-light_51
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3679-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3679-DN-low-light_53
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3688-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3688-DN-low-light_55
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3701-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3701-DN-low-light_57
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3714-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3714-DN-low-light_59
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3725-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3725-DN-low-light_61
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3731-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3731-DN-low-light_63
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3746-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3746-DN-low-light_65
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3783-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3783-DN-low-light_67
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3833-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3833-DN-low-light_69
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3909-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3909-DN-low-light_71
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3927-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3927-DN-low-light_73
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3942-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3942-DN-low-light_75
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3947-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3947-DN-low-light_77
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_3994-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_3994-DN-low-light_79
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_4004-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_4004-DN-low-light_81
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_4013-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_4013-DN-low-light_83
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_4150-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_4150-DN-low-light_85
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_4169-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_4169-DN-low-light_87
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_4246-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_4246-DN-low-light_89
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_4277-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_4277-DN-low-light_91
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_4320-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_4320-DN-low-light_93
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_4341-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_4341-DN-low-light_95
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_4361-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_4361-DN-low-light_97
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_4377-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_4377-DN-low-light_99
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_4441-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_4441-DN-low-light_101
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_4492-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_4492-DN-low-light_103
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_4590-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_4590-DN-low-light_105
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_4648-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_4648-DN-low-light_107
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_4669-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_4669-DN-low-light_109
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_4699-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_4699-DN-low-light_111
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_4747-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_4747-DN-low-light_113
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_4785-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_4785-DN-low-light_115
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_4914-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_4914-DN-low-light_117
  • teenage-warewolvesDSC_4946-DN-low-light_teenage-warewolvesDSC_4946-DN-low-light_119

All pictures by Kevin Stevens


0 #1 Keren Woodhouse 2021-08-18 21:26
Was wonderful to meet you Kevin, so happy you have a great night. See you soon. Keren x

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